The mobile workforce is growing at an incredible rate, meaning mobile sales tool training is becoming increasingly important for the enterprise.

According to an article by Training Zone, the size of the global mobile workforce is predicted to double or triple by 2018.

With more people using mobile devices to conduct business, we find that effective mobile sales tool training is necessary to match the growing workforce demand.

This is a trend many businesses are already adhering to.

Research by Towards Maturity found 70 percent of learning and development staff were either already using or planning to use mobile learning by 2014.

So what is all of this data telling your business to do?

You need to perform your mobile sales tool training on mobile devices already deployed in the hands of your team.

Mobile Sales Tool Training Should Be Like Learning How To Ride A Bike

Do you remember as a child learning how to ride a bike?

Our guess is you didn’t learn by being explained how to keep your balance while peddling the bike.

You got on the bike, oversized helmet and all, and rode it.

Even if you used training wheels, you learned how to ride a bike by physically riding the bike.

The same goes for mobile sales tool training.

99 percent of respondents in a Cisco survey say the mobile format of training and mobile presentations enhanced their learning, according to eLearning Industry.

It would not be as effective to have a sales rep learn how to use the tool without having the tool in their hands.

Besides, they already use mobile devices on an everyday basis.

Mobile Sales Tool Training Is Liked, and Works

Sure, training videos on how to navigate and use your sales tool works−But only to a degree.

When team members view training video synced to the sales tool, we have learned it is more likely to leave a lasting impression with them.

This gets the team members not only to digest the training presented in the video, but they are completely immersed in the tool by holding their device and using the tool to view the video.

We strongly recommend all mobile sales tool training collateral be placed on their mobile tablet for learning.

This will increase your team’s sales tool adoption rates faster and make them more confident in sales situations.