Stacks have been the cornerstone of our success here at FatStax (it’s even in our name, Stax = Stacks).

From the beginning, we imagined that sales reps with 1000s of products would inevitably find themselves in conversations with customers where a pre-canned PowerPoint presentation was useless and, they needed to pivot quickly.

Stacks was our answer for reps that needed an “Ace in Hole” when things go sideways and largely it has helped in just those situations.

Without fail, every time we speak with sales people using the platform “Stacks” is mentioned as the number 1 feature that benefits our user base – sales people.

Here’s a few quotes we love about Stacks.

“My aha moment was when I learned how to ‘create a stack’. It’s just super user-friendly and you can just condense all this information into one email, which is what customers are going to want to see.” – Christa S., Account Manager. -5 Yr FatStax Veteran.

“I really like the ability to stack in FatStax because it allows me to pull from products across all our brands and put them into one concise email that I can send to the customer without having to go home and data mine to make sure I got everything.” – Jessica R., Account Manager -6 Yr FatStax Veteran.

Little did we know that “stack” would become a verb!

Why did we reinvent Stacks now?

After 7 years our signature feature was starting to show it’s age a bit.

Mobile interfaces and sales people’s expectations for apps have changed a lot during that time.

Since we first coded Stacks for the iPad’s initial release in 2010, we’ve made some changes but knew we needed to do more.

In the mean time, we’ve released FatStax for iPhone and the web-based sales portal and wanted a way to connect all three user access points to create a tool that spanned all three channels.

Additionally, we heard over and over again that Marketers needed to be able to create Stacks and push them out to their users as a broadcast.

So, for the past 6 months our engineering team has busted their cans to rebuild and reimagine Stacks based on input from hundreds of Sales Reps and Marketers across a wide variety of verticals from healthcare to plumbing.

(Huge MEGA-thanks and hugs to all of you that gave us your time, let us ride shotgun, and or even just sent us an email with your complaints, dreams, and ideas.)

Below you’ll see the new stuff in Stacks 2.0 as requested in our sales users own words…

What’s New in Stacks 2.0

1X – “I want Marketing to create easy to-use-Stacks for me.”

Talk about lazy! Kidding…

Now Marketers and Admins can create a Stack and share it with the entire team. Then sales reps can send it to your customers without having to rebuild it or build anything for that matter.

Get more details on Shared Stacks here.

2X – “I want to use a Playlist during a meeting and then send the playlist as a Stack.”

Now we’re talking even easier, right.

First, Marketers and Admins create a Stack and share it with the entire team.

Then your reps can launch items from the Shared Stack to view them like a…


Then when they’re all done with the “playlist” your reps can send the entire Shared Stack to the customer from their iPad, computer, or iPhone.

Get more details here.

3X – “I need to be able to send Stacks from my iPhone too!”

Now your iPhone works just like your iPad with Stacks.

It even looks and functions, just like your iPad for Stacks.

Except the screen is smaller, but it works just like the iPad.

Get the skinny on Stacks on the iPhone here.

4X – “It would be even more amazing if every Stack I build or send was always available no matter what device I sent it from.  You know like Facebook?”

We thought that would be amazing too.

So, all your Stacks are now synced to all your devices.

Use your iPad or iPhone during the day and see all the Stacks you built online in the Sales Portal inside your account.

Or create Stacks online and, they show up on your mobile devices.

Same Stacks no matter how you access FatStax!

Not really like Facebook, but pretty amazing.

Learn more about Syncing Stacks across devices here.

5X – ” I need to see when a Stack Email gets opened so I can follow-up quickly with a prospect.”

Just like Hubspot.  Just like Yesware. Just like Pardot.

When you send a stack, you’ll see when your contacts open the email.

Then you can follow up fast.

Stay tuned for more details on Stack Tracking…

And Five More . . .

6X – “I don’t like Bundles, why can’t I just send a Saved Stack?”

They’re gone!

Bundles is now “Saved Stacks” and, it’s a LOT easier to use.

So when you find a collection of items that you send frequently, build a Stack and Save it so that you can send it anytime with a couple of taps.


Learn more about Saved Stacks here.

7X – “Why can’t I just send the same Stack again? “

Ok, you just sent a Stack of items to a prospect.

Now you have another prospect with similar needs.

You could build another Stack but why not just send them the same Stack with a couple of taps.


Get the details on Saved Stacks here.

8X – “I often need to send Stacks to Multiple Contacts.”

You can now add as many contacts to Stack as you want.


Learn more about adding multiple contacts to Stacks here.

9X – “Why I can’t I just add more items to my Stack directly?”

Frequent Stack users know that being able to add items while you are in a specific Stack would be a real time-saver.

Now you can!

Actually, we couldn’t decide if this was a “fix” or new Feature.

Either way, Stacks has it’s own search engine built in now.

See how this works on the iPhone here.

10X – “I want more choices so I can specify which items I want to include in a Stack “

A page in FatStax can have multiple items (PDFs, Videos, PPTs) attached to it.

Now you have more flexibility in what you want to include in the Stack and email.

Maybe a product has 10 different resources associated with it.

You can choose what to include providing only the most relevant information for your customers.

Learn more about choosing collateral to send here.


Solved (This was really hard to code…)