This is the time of year many organizations are planning their sales kickoff meetings, the perfect time to launch digital sales tools for their distributor and channel reps.

It’s an exciting time in our office, too, as our customer success team members are planning trips for in-person training sessions during new customer annual sales meetings.

But properly launching a new digital sales tool to a sales team of any size is not as simple as flipping on a light switch. There is a lot of planning, coordination and training that goes into a launch before your organization can call it a success.

In this article, we’re going to break down the proper steps for pre-launch, during the launch and post-launch that will help your organization launch digital sales tools successfully.


Get Your Leadership Onboard

For any new sales initiative it’s important to have your entire leadership team’s support. Their collective experience and perspective will give your launch a solid internal foundation for kickoff. Here’s an article we wrote recently on preparing to launch iPads and digital sales tools at a sales meeting.

Set Clear Expectations

You only get one chance to introduce your new digital sales tool to your channel reps, and it’s important your internal team understands what is expected pertaining to the launch at the kickoff meeting. Is it alignment? Training? Sales motivation?

Prepare Accordingly

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to preparing any presentations pertaining to the digital sales tool launch. You’re investing in this new tool to help increase sales for the coming year, so put forth the effort to get your channel reps excited and willing to learn how to use it.

During Your Launch

Set Aside Time for Training

Your channel reps won’t learn everything on their own when you launch digital sales tools. If you can, arrange someone from the maker of your digital sales tool to perform in-person training sessions at your launch. At the very least, have your internal project leaders go over some basic functionalities. We wrote a related article recently you might find useful on useful digital sales tool training tips.

Establish Goals

Create some goals for your channel reps using the digital sales tool for the coming year. It could be number of digital resources emailed out, number of product videos shown, number of pricing quotes sent, or anything that fits your sales process. Give them reachable goals to increase your tool adoption right out of the kickoff meeting.

Make Training and Support Materials Available

Once your channel reps head home from your annual sales meeting, follow up questions are sure to happen. Add any training materials to your digital sales tool for reps to access easily. If not applicable, you can always add training materials in an accessible cloud-based folder, tips to your channel rep newsletters or post a recorded video from the initial kickoff meeting training session online.


Review Analytics

After you launch digital sales tools, make sure your channel reps are using them. Look over your analytics on a regular basis to see which reps are using the tool the most, what collateral is being sent the most, and any other metrics you want to focus on. We wrote a related article recently on digital sales tool analytics you also might find helpful.

Schedule Periodical Training

Professional athletes never stop training, and neither should your channel reps once you launch digital sales tools. Arrange for quarterly training sessions (at minimum) to keep usage and adoption up among channel reps. Here’s a video we recently shot worth viewing that focuses on digital sales tool training tips.

Celebrate Champion Users

After a year since the launch of your digital sales tool, reward those reps that surpassed the goals you set when you launched. Chances are those who used your digital sales tool the most also surpassed quota and received a nice bonus. Other reps will see their success and become motivated to use their tablet during sales meetings more.Want more insight how to launch digital sales tools for channel reps?