Once again this week, Mark and I were on-site at a company performing a training session with the Sales Team for FatStax.  However this time we were asked to do the unexpected – namely, train the staff on all things iPad from turning it on to how to open apps to powering it up.

All in all it was a great day and, it taught us some invaluable lessons.

Here are some take-aways from our iPad training session that may help you get your team selling products faster.

1. Don’t assume everyone has used an iPad.  If you believe the TV ads, you’d think everyone was sitting at home reading the New York Times on their iPads each morning.  This is far from the truth. Although, roughly 50% of the business people we speak with own an iPad, most have never sold a product with one.  Take the time, with dedicated iPad training, to get the sales team fully up to speed.

2. Experienced users can be a huge help.  We saw some sales reps simply staring the iPad in the box or cradling it like it was a fine piece of porcelain. Assume most users will be unfamiliar with the iPad as a sales tool. There’s really no substitute for having an experienced iPad user or two to help less tech-savvy people get oriented when they first remove their iPad from the box. iPad Pilot programs are a great way to tap experienced users buy-in before launch.

3. Create real world sales situations during iPad training for sales reps.  Solution selling with an iPad, challenger sales with an iPad, or good old transactional selling can all be role-played during training.  Get your team off their butts and interacting with one another. Ask each other tough business questions.  Put your team in your customers’ shoes a bit. Use the iPads!

4. Have fun!  One of the best iPad training exercises is to pick a game (Candy Crush, Angry Birds) and see who scores the highest the fastest. In just a few minutes competitive reps can get those juices flowing while get used to navigating the iPad.

5. Hire an experienced trainer.  If you don’t know how to train sales reps to use an iPad, suck it up and spend a few bucks. Your ramp time will decrease significantly for the new sales tool making them more productive sooner. Worst case scenario, call us and get some pointers! We are more than happy to help you out.

In conclusion, don’t expect everyone to be an iPad veteran out of the gates.  Take the time to train your reps up front and it will pay huge dividends on the back end.