iPad Sales App in Action

At FatStax, we aren’t afraid to put our money where our mouth is. So, during the Dreamforce 2012 conference, our sales team used FatStax 2.0 iPad Sales App on four iPads to engage prospects and provide them requested literature, all digital. We did not print or carry brochures or any literature to the show.

Here’s the punchline in case you are in a hurry…

17.6% of booth leads responded to marketing automation messages triggered from our iPad sales app while still at the show.
Yes, that was “while still at the show.

Keep reading to find out how we got that response and what our plan was…

iPad Presentation App: Putting the “Dream” in Dreamforce

Before the Show

Step 1 – We built a Dreamforce iPad sales app on the FatStax Platform that contained 5000 products and PDF brochures, white papers, videos, and PowerPoints about FatStax and using iPads for selling. For example, our article on launching iPads for enterprise and our iPad trade show case study.

Step 2 – We tied the Dreamforce iPad Sales App to our new to “App to Lead” feature to capture leads from onsite demos and feed them directly into Salesforce.com and simultaneously into the Act-On marketing automation platform. Captured fields included name, email, phone, company, notes, and, most important, what collateral we sent them.

Step 3 – The qualified list was to be sent a pre-formatted follow-up email automatically thanking them for stopping by and giving them a chance to win an iPad by filling out a survey on our website.

The total time needed to build this process and setup the iPads was 6 hours.

Taking Advantage of Our Own App

In our booth, we had 4 iPads and two FatStax Team Members. In short, using the FatStax iPad sales App helped our team lead demonstrations, follow up with leads, and share the newest version of brochures and sell sheets. It also showed us the convenience of the “App to Lead” feature, which has the ability to automatically update leads into the user’s CRM account, while never leaving the trade show floor.

By showcasing these features with our own catalogue of products and PDFs, we were able to show the expediency and convenience of FatStax to fellow Dreamforce goers. If someone requested supplemental information like a catalogue listing or a white paper, the FatStax team member could send that information from the booth. This, in effect, matches a person to their exact need.

From iPad App to CRM

With our new “App to Lead” feature in the FatStax iPad sales app, all of our leads were automatically populated into Salesforce.com, our CRM, so we weren’t typing information at the end of the day.

And as any sales rep knows, this saved our team countless hours of post-show work, allowing us to enjoy the Red Hot Chili Peppers instead of updating account information after a long event each day. Prospects were automatically assigned to the proper Account Managers via lead assignment rules in Salesforce.com. Yes, automatically-No buttons or switches or magic-iPad directly to CRM.

Real Time-From iPad App to Marketing Platform

During the event, anyone that visited the FatStax booth was entered in a contest to win a free iPad. If we gave a demo to someone and sent that person additional information via our iPads, that contact was then entered into a nurturing email campaign in Act-On, the marketing automation platform we use.

Those contacts received a follow-up message 20 minutes after the first message. That email thanked them for stopping by the booth and let them know that if they filled out a quick survey, they would get a second entry into the iPad competition. This simple email campaign, facilitated by FatStax and Act-On, yielded an 17.6% response rate with people filling out the survey.

What’s more, that 17.6% response rate was from the show floor (on smart phones and iPads no less).

In Conclusion

Real-time communication with prospects via the iPad coupled to marketing automation nets big results. Further, “App to Lead” saved us hours of post show work typing information into our CRM leaving prospects assigned properly and ready to have conversations

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