iPads, booth greetings, selling tricks, motivating unhappy sales people, and how to distinguish the 10% of sales ready leads that enter your booth.

Our recent webinar – 3 Ways to Increase Trade Show ROI – has me more excited than a kid in a iPad shop. Matt Hill, Andy Paul, Craig Elias, and me, Rusty Bishop; three heavy hitters in the world of selling and trade show coaching and one iPad sales app guy (me) on one webinar.

One Trade Show Manager sent me a note this week that said, “I’ve spent the last 2 days trying to come up with 3 “soft intros” for training our sales team to hook people. This has changed my whole outlook. Thanks!”

Here’s just a few of the topics that were covered.

  • Pre-Show Preparation
  • Should we have a “give-away”
  • Motivating Sales People that don’t want to be there
  • Ipads as a booth qualifying tool
  • Tips to ensure hot leads are followed up with immediately
  • 3 iPad mistakes in the booth
  • Using technical people in the booth

Watch the Webinar Replay

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