In the first installment of this article, we outlined some successful strategies to use iPads as a part of your booth display at conferences and trade shows. That is specifically mounting the iPads on stands in the booth.

If you’re like most over-worked marketers and trade show managers, the iPad has been given some serious thought and budget at your company in the last few months. The dream is the ability to attract customers into the booth, keep their attention, send them home with some product/service info, and gasp! maybe sell them something on the spot.

To rephrase: Attract > Engage > Capture > Sell

The iPad can be used for all four. Here’s some ideas that may change the way you think about trade shows and iPads courtesy of a conversation I had recently with Craig Elias, author and creator of Shift Selling.

iPad – To Have

Giving your booth staff free reign with your “loaded iPads” is a tactic that just plain works. The staff loves them, they really engage customers with them, and people just love to talk about them.

What more could a marketer in a booth want?

A lot more. That’s what.

For starters, NAMES. You need names that you can convert to LEADS. Why else be at a trade show? I define names as exactly that; people’s names. You can buy a whole list of them for pennies, so they aren’t that great until they become… Leads.

To me, a lead is someone that is interested in a specific product or service you offer. You might call them a prospect, but for this article we’ll call them leads.

Some people walking the booths at trade shows are looking to solve their problems or fill their needs. It is a golden opportunity to talk with them, ask them questions, and show them you have the exact products/service they need to solve their problems.

So how does an iPad help?  Simple really. You can load iPads with collateral, product info, videos, and more to give your booth workers all the ammo they need to match a Name to a product, so they are now a LEAD.  And a “hot lead” at that since, you know exactly what they need.

To me thats an advantage – use an iPad to attract people in, ask them questions, use the iPad to get a few extra minutes to uncover need, then show them you have what they need.

So to have?  Absolutely, you should have “loaded iPads” in the booth ready to rock. Your people should know exactly how to use them too!

In the next installation, we’ll talk about holding the iPad in your hands vs mounting them.