Are you looking for a solid stand for using iPads to engage customers at trade shows in your booth?  We really enjoyed using the Twelve South HoverBar recently.

We chose to use the Twelve South HoverBar at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco after seeing a few companies using them at the CEDIA trade show in early September to share information on audio equipment. Here is what we thought about using the hover bar as an iPad trade show stand.

HoverBar iPad Trade Show Stand Basics

The stand ships in nice box complete with clips, converters for different iPads, and an adjustable clamp/vice to lock the device down. At first glance, it’s a pretty sturdy looking stand that should clip onto about any table or part of your booth. Unfortunately the gap in the clip wasn’t quite wide enough for our table, so we had to remove the rubber piece to make it fit. Not a huge deal, but we recommend testing the set up before the show.

In our hands, it is a pretty solid device that’s easy to maneuver into position as you present. We purchased ours from Amazon and it arrived the next day. So, if you’re in a pinch thats a fast turn-around time, too.

How we used the HoverBar iPad stand

The Twelve South HoverBar is a unique stand that holds the iPad in such a way that it can be placed in the perfect viewing spot. But the coolest thing about this accessory is that, because of way the iPad is displayed with the HoverBar, it appears to be floating in thin air.

Impressive, right? We thought so.

We had only a single iPad attached to the HoverBar during the conference, but the stand allowed us to present collateral to up to 5 prospects without holding the iPad ourselves as it floated about shoulder height. Our booth visitors would often lean in or take over and drive FatStax on the iPad themselves. It’s great to get the prospect involved and interacting.

On the whole, it enabled us to be more engaging and stopped many browsers to join in a conversation with our team. We will definitely be buying a few more for our next show.

Pros and Cons of the HoverBar as an iPad trade show stand


  • Sturdy clamps that secure the iPad
  • Sturdy arm that is flexible yet stiff enough to present a solid surface when tapping on the iPad
  • Easy to engage multiple prospects
  • Extends high enough to attract people if attached to a waist-high table


  • Clamp for table should be able to accommodate thicker surfaces.
  • Requires a cable extender or extension cord to power the iPad that may not look as polished as you want.


We like the Twelve South HoverBar and think it will be useful for marketers at table top shows and inside larger booths. We highly recommend making sure it will clamp down securely to a surface before the meeting begins.

Want to learn more about increasing customer engagement at trade shows with iPads? Visit our iPad for Sales Training Tips.  Or contact us to discuss how FatStax can amp up your trade show marketing and sales efforts.

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