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When a sales representative engages with a potential customer or client it is imperative that the presentation is clear, concise and without distraction.

One way to help ensure this is to turn off all notifications being pushed to your devise.  There are many applications that can automatically push notifications to your iPad (Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc.) and though this feature is very convenient most of the time, when you are trying to expedite a sales opportunity these notifications can quickly knock you and your prospect off course.

So, be prepared!  Turn off notifications before making your presentation.  It is quick, easy, and we will show you how right now:

1) Go to the SETTINGS on your iPad.  You should see this Icon:

ipad notifications off settings

2) Touch the Notifications tab on the left side of the screen to view all notifications

iPad notifications selling tips

You should see two sections for notifications: In Notification Center and Not In Notification Center.  To turn notifications off simply click into each application in “In Notification Center” and change the “Notification Center” setting from “On” to “Off”.  This will move the application from the “In Notification Center” to the “Not In Notification Center” disabling notifications from this application. See Below:

ipad app tips selling

3)  Turn Off Push Notifications – Some applications will let you turn push notifications off through the IOS others will require you to manually turn them off inside the application.  Check each application and make sure you take the proper steps to turn push notifications off.

4) Finally, to completely void your iPad from any notification interruption, you will want to turn your WiFi Notifications off as well.  To do this you will once again need to head to the settings section of your iPad and select the Wi-Fi tab on the left side of the screen.  You should see the screen shot below and at the bottom an option titled “Ask to Join Networks”.  Change the setting for this from “On” to “Off” and your quest to turn off all notifications will be complete!

ipad selling tips wifi off


Your iPad is now ready for your uninterrupted presentation! Your prospects and clients will appreciate your time more and you will not have to worry about that Angry Birds notification popping up in the middle of your sales pitch!

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