Get the most out of your time!  Don’t let your iPad be a distraction!

The iPad has a variety of features great for sales. Today, let’s touch on two techniques that help prevent some of these great features from being a distraction while engaging a prospect in their office or at a trade show: Lock the Screen, and Don’t Over Pinch.

Lock the iPad Screen

Though it IS a great feature, flipping the screen orientation from portrait mode to landscape mode back and forth in a sales presentation can take away from the information you are sharing with your customer.

Let the collateral you have prepped and prepared be the focus of your presentation, not the features of the iPad! 

Pick a setting and rotate the tablet when necessary.  No need to waste time waiting for the iPad to adjust to you!

Don’t Over Pinch

The Pinch technique for navigating around or focusing on a specific section of a page or presentation can be very useful but be careful not to over do it.  Remember, time in front of customers is not on our side as sales professionals. Make sure you focus is on engaging your customer with your offering, not distracting them.

For those not familiar, “pinching” refers to using two-finger gestures to zoom in or out on a detail on the iPad screen. Another example is panning around a presentation.

These actions can be very useful to focus on details in high-res images or complex tables. But over use is flat-out annoying to customers and can also waste more time to properly frame your collateral.  Use your pinch wisely and practice before trying it live.


Keep your customers and prospects focused on your collateral and your presentation smooth.  Make the iPad work for you, not against you.  No one likes a bumpy ride, so keep the movement to a minimum and remember:

  • Lock the Screen
  • Don’t Over Pinch

Feel free to leave your comments below about any techniques you use when selling with your iPad.

We have already discussed keeping your iPad sales apps organized, your home screen clean, and multi-apping with your sales apps in an article last year.  If you missed out on that post you can view it HERE

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