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At FatStax, we love using our iPads at trade shows and conferences and we understand that those long days of presenting can drain the battery life of your device. With that in mind here are a few tips to maximizing the battery life of your iPad.

Keep your device out of the sun!

Heat does not work well with your battery. Leaving your iPad in direct sunlight or in other extremely warm environments, like a parked car outside your office, will kill your battery life faster than any other factor. Be concious of this and be sure to store your device in a cool environment when it is not in use. Otherwise you may be calling Apple asking why your battery will no longer keep a charge!

Reduce the brightness

Keeping your screen at maximum brightness is not always needed and it can be a big drain on your power. Reduce the brightness of your iPad by going to Settings and select the Brightness & Wallpaper tab on the left side of the screen as seen below:

Play with the brightness until you find a level that works for you. The less bright the longer your battery will last!

Lock the screen quickly

There is no better way to save your battery life than to have your iPad at rest with the screen off. To ensure you take full advantage of this feature, set up your iPad to auto-lock as quickly as it will let you. You can do this by accessing the General tab in the Settings section of your iPad. Under the General tab you will see the Auto-Lock section where you can adjust the time it takes your iPad to lock after inactivity. See below:

Use Airplane Mode

When you are not in need of using the internet on your iPad it is a good idea to turn on Airplane mode. This will disable WiFi and wireless radio and prevent them from draining more of your valuable batter life. This feature is located under Settings – > Airplane Mode – > On/Off.

Close Unused Applications

If you are not using them, why let applications drain your battery? You can close unused applications by removing them from the multitasking bar on your iPad. To access this you will need to turn Multitasking Gestures on. This feature is located under Settings – > General – > Multitasking Gestures – > On/Off.

Once you have turned this feature on, simply swipe four or five fingers up to reveal the multitasking bar. Touch and hold one of the unused application icons to reveal a minus sign on the icon and all the other application icons in the multitasking bar. The now wiggling application icons can be closed by tapping each one that is no longer needed.

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