Over the past 4 years, we’ve worked with some amazing customers that love pushing the envelope of using an iPad sales app to drive revenue. Likewise, we love to listen to what our users are telling us. Our goal is to create new features prompted by those suggestions that we believe will make their efforts more productive and, yes, enjoyable.

Directly from your comments, complaints, recommendations, we are happy to share with you the new iPad sales app that is driving sales and marketing to a new level: FatStax 2.3

Best of all – YOU created it.

FatStax 2.3 is now available in the App Store. Every feature is a direct answer to the features you asked for.

In sharing the new app with our user base, we asked them to think about how theses features might directly affect their bottom line.  What is the potential impact? What will this help you accomplish? How can this new feature directly translate to revenue this year with your iPad Sales app?

We thought you might be interested in what they told us. Check out the 4 reasons why this new iPad sales app is driving revenue at companies just like yours.


4 Reasons Why This New iPad Sales App Is Driving Revenue


Reason 1: Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Related Products

We can’t even tell you how many times users have asked us for ways to help them “up-sell and cross-sell” products with their iPad sales app.

Now, related product links are now available in your iPad sales app.  Inspired by online tools like comparison sites that suggest “Other Products You Might Be Interested In”, related-product links do just that. Product managers and marketers now can place enticing product images and links that act like short cuts to related products.  I mean who hasn’t bought a product off Amazon because a related product link?

The image below shows an example of a company might insert product thumbnails onto an app page that can prompt users to share additional products and grab prospects attention in emails sent from the app.

cross selling with an ipad

  • Enable cross- and up-selling to related products within your app
  • Tailor the sales process to each customer interaction

Revenue Driver: No one wants to miss an opportunity to help customers and maximize their revenues. When you are discussing one product with your customer, you can share and jump to another related product or item. This enables you to better customize the sales process specific for your company and reminds the sales team about other opportunities. Make additional revenue opportunities easier for your FatStax users.

Reason 2: Accelerate the sales cycle with quick and intuitive access to the most important collateral.

Sales reps know there are certain pieces of collateral they will share with customers often. Marketers wanted us to help them put those important assets right where users can get to them quickly.

Number 2 on the revenue driving feature list is the new interactive home screen with shortcut tiles and a customizable look and feel.

Home Screen Interactive Shortcut Screen Shot

home screen


As seen in this screen shot, each tile is a tappable ‘short cut’ – including the big FatStax image in the center.  For example, a training video can be launched directly by tapping the aqua “Launch Your Training Videos Button”.  Marketers can customize every aspect of the home screen with direct links and your brand and color scheme.

The possibilities for customizing the home screen are limitless, giving marketers a custom-branded iPad app for a fraction of the cost of DIY apps.

To see the new interactive home screen in action, download a demo catalog, or contact an account manager for a live demo.

Revenue Driver – Marketers say it gives them the ability to create a user experience that is fully-branded and insures the most important videos, presentations, PDFs, products, and details are always in the spot a user can easily access. Better access to key information will increase adoption and communication with prospects. These help accelerate the sales cycle and reduces the time spent on non-selling activities.


Reason 3: Confident sales people will use your iPad sales app more often to deliver the right content to prospects.

Seems like everyone is in a hurry these days making it more likely that important things are forgotten. Like running out the door without all the necessary presentation materials.

Making sure you have the latest sales information you need to before the big opportunity meeting is now is simpler than ever before. THE BIG GREEN CHECK mark in the top right of your iPad sales app screen tells any FatStax user their catalog of collateral and presentations is synced and updated with their marketing team’s latest and greatest sales materials.

THE BIG GREEN CHECK means – Marketers no longer have to wonder if their sales team has the most updated sales materials!

THE BIG GREEN CHECK inspires confidence that this sales tool is ready to get to work.

Know Your Sales Materials Are The Freshest

ipads sales app offline indicator


  • Big green checkmark indicates all assets have downloaded to the iPad, and are ready to show offline
  • No Wi-Fi necessary to show it all

Revenue Driver – Sales reps say it gives them the ability to be certain all the materials they might need are ready and available offline on their iPad with no access to Dropbox, Box, or SharePoint required.  No more trying to pull down huge PowerPoints over a tethered cell phone.  No more frantic searching for Starbucks and public Wi-Fi signals.  THE BIG GREEN CHECK is the confidence they need to use their iPad sales app.
Reason 4: Aligning Sales and Marketing with better communication 
Users asked us for a way to turn their iPad sales app into a better communication tool for sales and marketing to connect.  Field sales and marketing are separated by geography, time zones, and responsibilities yet the best companies find ways to work as a cohesive team.

So we created a simple blank canvas easily accessible within the app to add what they both needed to help that connection. We heard that this blank canvas should have the capability to do things like:

  • Have Direct Links to email Product Managers
  • Announcement sections to communicate new product releases
  • Sales ‘Special Offers’ and ‘Combo Offers’ for regional marketing
  • Links to online calculators and product configurator tools
  • Handy reference information that is easily updatable such as key internal contacts like support and customer service.

The new QuickLinks Page provides exactly that, a blank canvas to add whatever information your team needs into your iPad sales app.

Critical Sales Messages for Your Sales Team

fatstax 2.3 quick links

  • Use your blank canvas to communicate ANYTHING to your sales reps
  • Perfect for linking ROI calculators, product configurators or any web-based asset
  • Add direct emails for product managers or tech support

Revenue Driver: With all the different ways we can communicate these days, why do we miss so much important stuff? Direct communication within the sales app puts key information where your team will see it in the field on their iPad.  Key marketing contacts, distributor lists, and new product highlights are just some of the ways Marketers are planning to utilize the new Quick Links Page in their iPad sales app. It’s their customizable sales portal of news and information vital to the field.


See FatStax 2.3 In Action

Like the new features we’ve added? Let us walk you through how FatStax can fit into your company’s mobile sales initiative with a free demo. Sign up here for a demo and we’ll schedule a time to talk.