sales tools testing

We could not be more excited about our upcoming releases for FatStax iPad 3.0 and FatStax Web 6.4 products. These releases are jam packed with new features and tools to help our clients teams perform better in the field.

The team including Coty, David, Mark, and Julienne are in heavy testing mode on more devices than I care to think about.  Moore’s Law is in full effect!

Why is testing so important?

We have always been super concerned with usability of our products since our clients need them to interface with customers and drive revenue. Towards that end, we test and retest our apps for every scenario under the sun.

Great Wi-Fi
Crappy, hotel Wi-Fi
Really bad cellular signal

You get the idea! We can’t fail our users because their jobs depend on our apps being perfect in every possible scenario.

So we wanted to give a quick shout out to the team for all their efforts on such a huge release this fall.

And most importantly -THANKS to 1000s of FatStaxers that are giving us all the great feedback and ideas from the field to make your apps better.

Keep those ideas flowing please!