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A successful enterprise mobile strategy is at the top of many executive to-do lists, but many are struggling to succeed.

Accenture just released a survey of 1,500 C-level executives, in which two out of five companies say they have made “good progress” in their mobility efforts.

While the other 60 percent say they are struggling to succeed with mobile, 87 percent of those surveyed admit they at least have a “formal enterprise mobile strategy” agreed upon.

Enterprise mobile strategy is becoming more commonly discussed in corporate hallways. Last year, only 58 percent said they had a formal mobile strategy.

So the enterprise knows a mobile strategy is huge, but why are so many swinging and missing at it?

There’s a lot that goes into a successful enterprise mobile strategy, and a lot that can derail one too: A lack of standards across multiple divisions, purchasing different apps which perform the same function, strategy ownership arguing amongst fellow C-level executive, tactics vs. strategy, etc.

An important part to any enterprise mobile strategy is their company’s technology considerations.

Companies shouldn’t look at mobile solutions, like a sales rep app for iPad, with a “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” mentality.

As much as C-level executives know they need an enterprise mobile strategy, they need an enterprise mobility expert in their corner in order to succeed.

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