Many other sales apps on the market constrain companies from a fully customizable experience and not allowing them to communicate with sales teams in the field.

Say you have new company information you want to push out to your field reps. Or there’s a new product configurator you want to give them mobile access to.

There are a million things you might want to communicate with sales teams, but are limited by other sales apps.

FatStax provides you a flexible canvas, allowing you to communicate with your sales team however you want. We call it our Quick Links page.

By copying HTML and pasting it in our CloudStax content management system, you can turn your Quick Links page into a customizable sales portal of company news and vital information your sales reps in the field need.

Maybe you want to include an ROI calculator, a product configurator, punch out to a sales asset on your company website: the options are practically endless. We want your sales app to be as effective of a mobile sales tool as possible, and give you the space to make it just that.

Quick Links gives marketers the digital bulletin board they need to communicate and share important company information and tools to their sales reps in the field.