How much does an iPad sales app cost?

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By Rusty Bishop

Yesterday I was at a Marketo JumpStart event in Santa Monica. After introducing themselves, two CMOs asked me almost simultaneously- How much does an iPad sales app cost? It was the moment a sales rep lives for…

I said, well, it depends.

Think of your iPad sales app like a business suit. Do you buy one-size-fits-all suits or do you get fitted and tailor the suit to your body? Are you a Bloomingdales lady or is JC Penny’s your speed?

You could buy a cheap suit and get away with wearing it to some business meetings. But, if you’re meeting with Fortune 500 companies in fancy boardrooms, people are going to notice you are wearing a cheap suit.

So, when it comes to your iPad sales app–consider what you’re willing to bet on your corporate image. Your sales rep is going to be rocking this ‘suit’ every day of their sales lives.

Every time they meet with a customer

Every time they go to a trade show

Every time they go to the boardrooms of your customers

We often see companies more focused on the one-size-fits-all, low-cost options like Dropbox or iBooks for an iPad sales app. Often, the lack of investment results in “suits” that never leave the sales rep’s suitcase.

To avoid this dilemma, lets look at some key variables that affect the cost of every iPad sales app:

  • The number of users (is it 2 or 200?).
  • The complexity of the materials, files or collateral going into the app.
  • The image the app portrays.  Whether the iPad app needs to have your branding and corporate image or you prefer something off the shelf.
  • Integration requirements like and Oracle ERP–each used by sales reps out in the field. If you want to integrate those with your iPad app, it comes with a price tag.
  • Apple iOS upgrades. Anyone who’s had an iPhone, iPad or any Apple product knows Apple’s constantly upgrading its operating systems. And iPad apps, of course, must also be upgraded when those OS systems are upgraded.
  • Feature upgrades and additions. Inevitably, the team is going to ask for new and different features. Those features (and what it takes to code them) will drive up the cost.

So, understand what your team needs. Then, determine the best sales app to match those needs. Then we can tell you how much an iPad sales app costs.

Here at FatStax, we designed 4 packages to meet company’s baseline needs and fill in the holes with add-ons, so that every app we deliver is custom fit. Think Armani.

We’ll outline those here to give you some idea of how one size does not fit all.

1.) Starter Package- designed for companies just getting started. If you want to try out an iPad sales app, it’s licensed for five users. Basically, it limited to  ~500 pieces of collateral and it’s perfect for a company with a small internal sales team or a marketing department that will use it at trade shows. Pricing ranges from $1,500 to $5,000 per year, depending on need.

2.) Basic Package- includes all our features for all our iPad apps, including service and support for the app and content management systems–it comes with everything. Typically, it’s for 50 – 100 users and pricing ranges from $15,000 to $25,000 per year, depending on the add-ons and bells and whistles.

3.) Professional Package– designed for larger companies ranging from 100-300 sales reps in the field. It includes additional apps, catalogs and multi-language support. It’s more of a turn-key type of solution. Prices range from $25,000 to $45,000, depending on the add-ons and integrations.

4.) Enterprise Package– designed for Fortune 500-size companies. It is equipped for multiple business units- large, scalable, and flexible apps. Everything is private and secure to meet corporate standards. Pricing ranges from $45,000 to $90,000 per year depending on the size and amount of apps needed on the platform. The majority cost about $45,000 per year. We’ve helped companies deploy the Enterprise package with 64 apps running off of one back-end.

So it depends…

When it comes to finding the right iPad sales app for your sales team, keep in mind these types of solutions are not like the Starbucks app you download to find that favorite coffee joint. They are much more like a nice tailored suit. Designed for the size and style of your company.

So, how much does an iPad sales app cost?

The answer is it depends on which “suit” is best for your sales team.