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“With FatStax, I can deliver follow up information to my customers in minutes instead of days. In just a few clicks immediately following our meeting, I can send product videos, technical data sheets, color charts and literature that reinforces their buying decision.”  – Justin Chantel, Territory Sales Manager, Bradley Corp.

Now that is music to our ears.  Thanks Justin.  You are exactly who we are looking to serve my friend.

But how did we get there…

How often does your sales team ask, “What are we really getting for our marketing spend?”

I cringe every time someone in sales asks that question!

Actually it’s not a question, it’s statement that sales does not BELIEVE in marketing’s contribution.  The age old fight continues.

Maybe there’s just a bit of misalignment or internal chaos between marketing and sales.

I think we all know the impact of marketing on sales performance, but sometimes it is difficult to quantify. Wouldn’t it be really nice if people stop asking this question all together?

Scott Gillum at Forbes, wrote a great article about how marketing impacts sales performance nearly four years ago.  He conducted research for a medical equipment manufacturer with buyers (customers and prospects) and identified three key insights on the importance of marketing and how it was impacting the company’s sales success.

He found marketing should be communicating to sales, “[that] … 1.) marketing can identify new buyers and influencers, increase the number of opportunities reps see, 2.) improve a buyer’s perception of sales coverage, and 3.) enable the sales force with the right value proposition at the right time to win the deal.”

But he ends with, “Of course, you’ll need the data to prove it.”

So, how can companies prove that the impact of marketing on sales is a paramount contribution?

Answer: use technology that comes with Analytics to measure the impact.

It’s really that simple.

For example, Marketers, who have embraced mobile sales apps and deployed them for their sales teams, enjoy increased sales performance, while specifically quantifying their contribution to the bottom line.

Probably the most important benefit, however, is improving the buying experience for their customers!

And the byproduct is a better relationship between marketing and sales.  Who can argue with that?

Not too long ago the marketing team at Bradley Corp. recognized a huge impact on sales by implementing a mobile sales app by FatStax on iPads.

Bradley Corp implements monile Sales App

Bradley corp. is an industry leading manufacturer that puts nearly a century’s worth of design innovation in commercial washrooms around the globe. They use a combination of internal and independent sales reps to sell their products worldwide.

Given this reliance on independent sales reps, many of whom sell products from as many as 15 different brands, it is critical for them to mitigate the risk of sales reps sharing outdated product information and pricing with customers.

win more sales with a mobile sales appA mobile sales app is a better way to share updated sales collateral

Bradley Corp’s deployment of a mobile sales app from FatStax, provides a better way to share critical product and pricing information with their sales reps to help them enhance customer meetings, shorten the sales cycle and improve their productivity.

By ensuring every internal and independent sales rep has quick and convenient access to the latest product literature, pricing, technical data sheets, photos and videos, the marketing team, through the mobile sales app, can supply its sales team with all of the critical information they need to best position and sell Bradley products to their architectural and industrial customers.

How’s that for a marketing contribution?  And is it measurable? Heck yeah!

And there is quite a bit more too.

Mobile Saving sales reps time (and marketers frustration)

The FatStax-designed mobile sales app automatically updates the sales activities of its internal sales reps into the company’s CRM system, saving its sales reps time. Because of the analytics tracked within the mobile app for sales, Bradley now has a higher level of transparency than ever before into the sales activities of its independent sales reps.

And guess what? The sales people love the marketing team now because they have more time to sell!

Not only that, but using a mobile app for sales also helped marketing gain valuable insight into their quality and quantity of sales leads, which they previously wouldn’t have been privy to because their independent sales reps are not integrated into Bradley’s CRM.

Mobile Sales App Saves Marketers and Sales Time

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Revolutionizing the buyers experience with a mobile sales app

Connecting the dot’s back to the Forbes study; the key area in which marketing contributes to sales is to enable the sales force with the right value proposition at the right time to win the deal.

That’s exactly what Bradley Corp did using their mobile sales app.

  • Sales reps now have all of the answers to an architect’s or facility manager’s questions even at locations where WiFi access is not available
  • Sales reps can facilitate more productive meetings with decision makers during in-person meetings
  • Bradley’s marketing team utilizes analytics data from sales collateral used in the field to prioritize and inform future marketing content needs

The new question is: “How much of an impact has a mobile sales app made on our sales performance?” And because marketing buys, implements and manages the mobile sales app solution, please substitute “marketing” for “mobile sales app”.

Want to learn how FatStax can do they same for your organization?

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