I recently sat in a meeting listing to one of our clients’ VP of Marketing explain why iPad sales apps for distributors played such a vital role strengthening their distributor channel.

Sure, mobility is now more than some buzz word many C-level executives are using. It has been proven time and time again how the right iPad sales apps help generate revenue and ROI for the company, but the reason this VP of marketing gave was not your stereotypical “board room” response.

“We don’t want our distributors to forget about us.”

It was an interesting way to put it. Does this sound similar to what you’re hoping to accomplish with your distributors?

His reason why iPad sales apps are the best sales tool for distributors was made all the more compelling as he continued on.

VP of Marketing Spells It Out

“We set the goal months ago to build a stronger dealer channel using our digital sales tools, leveraging efforts to support them. But even more so, to stay top of mind with our distributors among other companies we compete with.

“We, and our competitors, essentially produce the same type of collateral: catalogs, spec sheets and promotional materials, in the hopes we get our distributors to sell us over the other guys. We send boxes of materials to each dealership with no validity whether they at least pass it out. So how do we get our distributors to use all of our stuff available to them?

“Everyone is attached to a mobile device and the apps in which they use. It’s not only their personal lifeline, but tablets are becoming the mode in which people do business and iPads are the best mobile business solution for our representatives. iPad sales apps for distributors just made business sense from a corporate standpoint.

“We are able to feed our dealer channel the information, data, videos, specs, images and other materials they need in real time to their iPad. No more printing costs. No more shipping boxes of catalogs. And we now have analytics into what our reps are sending out and if their lead is engaged.

“We are able to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, thus staying top of mind with our dealers. Using an iPad sales app has been without a doubt our best sales tool for distributors.”

Distributors Are Doing More With Technology by Implementing New Digital Initiatives

A recent survey by Modern Distribution Management reports “distributors have invested in technology to improve the way they manage their businesses and to improve customer service.” iPad sales apps for distributors goes hand in hand.

Using iPad sales apps for distributors is a lot like trying to find land at sea through some pea soup fog. Your distributors are in a choppy sea of companies giving them so many materials to help sell their individual products that it fogs their ability to sell effectively. They’re lost and in need of a simple mobile sales solution.

By providing an iPad sales app to your distributors, you are effectively becoming the lighthouse they need. You are guiding them to land, making it easier to work with your products and company. Your product information will outshine the competitors through the fog, and your distributors will be able to steer out of choppy seas while the competition sinks.