As a coach for a college sports team, every sales manager worth his paycheck dreams of building a high-performing sales team that crushes its goals – month after month. So, if you’re not in that category yet, you may want to take note of what high-performing sales teams are reporting in a recent survey.

The 2015 State of Sales Report, conducted by Salesforce Research, revealed that 60 percent of high-performing sales teams consider mobile sales apps as one of the most important tools for their industry – whether they already use them or not.

Apparently it’s a worldwide consensus. The survey included feedback from 2,372 full-time sales leaders in the United States, Canada, France, Australia, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, and Brazil.

Technology also influenced other areas of the sales process. The survey also revealed that 57 percent of high-performance sales teams use sales analytics – compared to 16 percent of their underperforming counterparts. Salesforce Research predicts the trend will continue, with a 58 percent increase in sales analytics use from 2015 to 2016.

Use technology to make a connection

One of the most interesting takeaways from this survey is that technology is being used to enhance the human connection. In other words, when equipping your sales team with technology, make sure you’re focusing on how they can be used to do what your sales reps do best – build meaningful relationships with your prospects and customers.

Taking a few tips from high-performing sales teams, here are several ways you can boost sales with the right mobile devices and apps:

  1. Promote collaboration: Whether you’re interacting with customers, prospects or co-workers back at the office, mobile tools make it easier to quickly communicate to reach decisions.
  2. Provide insights. Sales reps will have the flexibility to address any questions, concerns or issues that may arise during a one-on-one meeting.
  3. Complete sales. Instead of waiting for documents and signatures to go through internal processes, sales reps can use devices and apps to complete transactions while in the field.
  4. Single customer view. With the right technological tools, sales reps can have a condensed view of the prospect or customer’s communications and interactions with your company.

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