business success with ipads

It’s easy for businesses to get wrapped up in the benefits an iPad app for sales will have on the company itself.

Marketing teams become head over heals with the content management capabilities and like the idea of eliminating costly orders from the printer.

Sales managers’ eyes light up when they see real-time analytics showcasing how many leads are getting synced into CRM from their global trade show circuit.

Sales reps love the fact they don’t have to carry any more binders of sales materials and fill their cars with so many catalogs they can’t see out their rearview mirror.

There’s productivity. There’s ROI. There’s efficiencies your CEO didn’t dream could happen from implementing an iPad app for sales.

But what about your customers?

A happy customer is a returning customer. And there are many customer benefits from using an iPad app for sales that will keep them happy while using your company’s products or services.

Product Showcasing

There’s just something sexy about having the ability to show high-res images, videos and 3D animations with HTML 5 your customers will truly appreciate.

Customers already do so much online research before making a purchase. A study found that 81 percent of customers research online before making a big purchase. And that number is on the rise.

Why would you downgrade them to a print brochure that smears and has bent corners from your briefcase?

A flashy iPad app for sales certainly won’t close a deal simply by opening the application, but the sleek style and ease-of-use your sales reps will demonstrate while in their meeting with your prospects will certainly leave a lasting impression.

Instantly Accessing Sales Materials

Have you ever forgotten your wallet or driver’s license at home? It’s something so valuable and incredibly important to us; we feel naked without it.

Imagine if a customer misplaces a spec sheet you left them last week. Are you going to drive back out to their office just to hand deliver another one? Of course you would, but it’s not an efficient use of your time.

Sharing materials through an iPad app for sales allows your customer to have immediate access to your entire library of digital collateral. Email them that spec sheet so they can look at it again right after your meeting. Then they will forward it to other key decision makers, rather than making copies and hand delivering them to each person.

You’re increasing their productivity in making an efficient business decision and they’ll appreciate you for it.

Streamlining Their Purchasing Process

Just like your business, every company has a ton on their plate and puts lots of thought into decision making. Here’s an example one of our clients they recently shared with us:

One of our client’s customers made an inquiry on a product after regular business hours.

The assigned sales rep, from his couch at home, pulls out his iPad app for sales and sends the necessary sales materials to answer the question. A spec sheet, .MP4 video demonstration, pricing sheet, competitive pricing sheet and a quote for the product in question.

The next morning, our client’s customer emailed back over the signed quote for the product and the invoice was prepared. That’s a 14 hour sale valued at over $26,000—all from an iPad app for sales.

Our client explained before using an iPad app for sales, the rep would have had to create a packet of information and put the video on a USB drive. Then a carrier would pick up the packet and overnight it.

By giving your customers the information they need, when they need it, you’re helping them keep their plate a little less crowded.

Building a Business Relationship

Sales can seem so passive when you leave a few pieces of sales materials with a prospect. What happens to the materials once you’re out the door? It very likely goes into the pile of other sales materials other sales reps have left.

Making direct, personal connections with customers is critical for any long-term business relationship. Standing side by side with a prospect using an iPad app for sales is a way to build a strong foundation for a lasting business relationship. You’re able to show access to your inventory from an iPad screen tap, share the latest competitive pricing information from an iPad screen tap, and provide fast, seamless one-touch access to your entire library of sales materials.

Customers don’t want to be left paper scraps. They want to be taught and shown features and benefits through interaction a binder of papers simply cannot provide.

Let Your Customers Benefit From an iPad App for Sales

It’s important to think what impact change in policy, technology or any aspect of your business will have on your customers. An iPad app for sales can help alleviate some of those headaches. It’s not just a win for your company, but for your customers, too.

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