has released their annual State of Sales Report for 2015 and, it has some pretty amazing insights about high performing sales teams.  You can grab a copy and a guaranteed call from a novice SDR here.

In this study, the good folks at surveyed 2300 global sales leaders.  2300 is a lot! As  a PhD scientist, I can get with that number as a reasonable cohort.  Biases aside, there are some stats that really smacked me in the head here.

High Performing Sales Teams are:

  1. 3.5X more likely to use analytics
  2. 2X more likely to be using a mobile sales tool
  3. 4.9X more likely to be “masters of mobile”

Those are some pretty compelling stats!  Basically if you aren’t using analytics and mobile sales tools, you are under-performing by definition.

So, we’re curious to get your take on these 3 key stats for high performing sales teams.

In the next installment, we’ll break down each stat of high performing sales teams in this study.

Photo Credit: Trips ’06 – Tantalus – 05- climbing Pelion Gl towards shoulder (7000 ft pass) via photopin (license)