Sales hacks are what FatStax sales apps are all about.  We’ve built in super fast search for products, enabled jump-links to create up selling opportunities, and empowered distributors with custom mobile landing pages.   But…

…sometimes it’s the simple things in life, like a “back button,” that help the most.

Having a back button is a natural extension of custom designed FatStax mobile pages that allow your end-users to, yep!, go back to the previous page in the app.  (Dang that seems offly simple when I write that.)  Ultimately, we hope this feature will drive more creativity for presenting information to users offline on their mobile devices.

How it works

This is amazingly simple.  When you tap the back button  >  the app will display the last page you opened.  Just like a web browser’s back button!

mobile sales tool tricks

Just like a website, the back button will save your history up to where you started your session in your app.


Instead of starting over every time you want find something you talked about previously in your mobile sales app users can rapidly jump back to Feature Pages and previously discussed products when meeting with customers.

FatStax Admins and designers can take even more advantage of custom mobile app page designs to build Landing Pages that act as jumping off points for a variety of product files or individual products.

Further, the back button will be essential for FatStax teams that take advantage of Infinite Categories in their app.

So what’s next?

Creating a better product for our customers is our promise, and now it’s time to take full advantage of it. The back button, simple as it may be, will help you create a better user experience with less taps and clicks.  The back button will be included in Fatstax 3.0 for all users upon release.