Sales app analytics are crucial pieces of data any marketer will need to collect and review to measure a sales app’s success in the field.

This is incredibly important for adoption and ROI tracking. After all, why go through the trouble of planning, budgeting, piloting and deploying a sales app without knowing who is using it and how many sales are tied to it.

These are some of the typical questions we get from companies deploying sales apps for their distributors and OEM partners on sales app analytics and tracking key metrics you will need answered to show the benefits and to drive adoption:

How often is our sales team using the app?

A sales app just eats up megabytes on an iPad and capital in your budget if your reps won’t use it. It’s a great stat to see who is your champion rep using the app on a daily basis to engage customers and close deals. To further drive adoption across, discover who your champions are and ask them to speak how the app is playing a big part in their success. Repeat usage is key for app adoption.

How many searches are they performing and what are they searching for?

Sales app analytics enable marketers to understand which pieces of sales materials drive sales conversions. Part of that is knowing which products or files your sales reps search for most frequently. This information can help shape the location of certain products or files to a centralized location within the app. This can also tell you perhaps creating a new category specifically for commonly searched products is in need, which will increase adoption through making the app user friendly.

What are the top viewed products?

This information will clearly tell you which products are most popular, or most hidden within your sales app. It could be worth finding a better way to get your reps to these products, similarly to how they search (mentioned above). This could also tell your marketing staff they need to produce more content focusing on the highly viewed products.

Which products are added to quotes or orders most often?

From a production, shipping and stocking standpoint, this is a crucial piece of data you’ll need out of your sales app analytics. It’s good to see what products and pages your reps and customers are viewing within the app, but at the end of the day it’s all about sales. This will give you information on the most sellable products driving the highest profits. It also will tell you which products aren’t selling as well. This could be a sign you need to rethink from a marketing standpoint how these products are presented or priced.

How much revenue is coming in from quotes or orders sent to customers?

Insight into how much revenue your company is bringing in per order can make a huge impact marketing strategy. If orders are coming in, but the total revenue from those orders is lower than projected, you may way to consider bundling products. By packaging related products, it can create opportunities for your reps to up-sell and cross-sell for more revenue. It can also tell you whether you need to consider changing pricing or not. Either way, the amount of revenue from each order is one metric you will want to track when determining ROI with your sales app.

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