nfl can teach you about mobile selling tools

The NFL season has finally kicked off and every team’s quest to win a Super Bowl championship has begun.

NFL organizations spend hundreds of millions of dollars each season building the best team they can to achieve greatness.

But not every team has the opportunity to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season. In fact, not every team even makes the playoffs.

It takes planning, preparation, and execution for any NFL team to have a chance at winning the Big Game.

The same can be said about channel mobile selling tools. Your sales team needs to focus on the same championship mentality any NFL teams has, and channel sales tools are the Gatorade to your sales roster.

Let’s take a look at the similarities between channel sales tools and the NFL:

Starting Lineup

An NFL owner fills their roster with the best talent available. You need a starting lineup of modern sales reps ready to hit the gridiron with their channel sales tools.

Find distribution reps that are technologically engaged and willing to incorporate a tablet and enterprise software, like a sales app, into their sales process.


Simply having the best talent on the field isn’t always going to win games. You have to call the right plays in order to succeed. Especially if there’s a communication breakdown. That’s a penalty!

Have a system in place to define when and how your channel sales tools should be used by your distribution reps in daily sales calls.

Your Star QB

You need a strong leader in the huddle to rally the team. Call on your top sales reps to become the quarterback.

Adopting channel sales tools for a team can be accomplished by highlighting successful sales wins by your all-star users, and team adoption will grow.


Before the NFL season starts, teams practice twice per day in training camps to sharpen their skills are prepare for games. Regular training sessions on your channel sales tools will drive success.

The best sales teams practice using their channel sales tools in training sessions at least six times a year to stay sharp.

Two-Minute Drill

With the clock running down, teams need to pull out a score in order to win. Using those precious minutes in front of prospects are critical when turing an opportunity into a closed won.

Channel sales tools allow reps to maximize their sales meetings by using interactive and customized collateral on their tablets that is precisely relevant to the prospect’s pain points rather than fumbling through printed materials and wasting time the prospect could be using to make buying decisions.


When you and your channel sales reps hit the field using channel sales tools, they become more likely to succeed and will perform countless touchdown dances after closing more deals.