finding best app for sales people

The best app for sales people is out there, you just have to find what works for your team.

But how? Where do I start?

Many companies are searching for better tools to sell their products. Trust me, you’re not alone.

Each company has a unique mobile situation, and hardly any two are in the same boat. What these companies we talk with all have in common is they’re looking for the right sales tool to use with the iPad.

No matter whether we’re talking with a company’s marketer, IT folks, finance or sales leaders—We keep hearing the same questions again and again for finding the best app for sales people.

  • What is the best iPad sales app for my sales team?
  • How much does an iPad sales app cost?
  • What are the best practices for piloting iPad sales apps?
  • How do I manage all of my content on the iPad sales app?

We decided to combine these questions into an easy-to-scan guide for making the right decision about an iPad sales tool for your team.

The reality is we don’t have all the answers. No one does. Basically, our stock answer for the best app for sales people is IT DEPENDS.

It depends on you.

It depends on your company.

It depends on your needs.

Our latest help guide, How to Choose the Best Mobile Sales App for Your Team, is laid out so you can jump right into the heart of the matter, from wherever you are on your iPad sales app buying journey.

Here’s a small sampling from our latest guide:

We have grouped the available off-the-shelf iPad sales apps into three categories, based on sales processes found in most companies today.

Enterprise iPad Sales Apps

Advantages of Enterprise iPad Sales Apps

You can largely consider enterprise iPad sales apps a combination of transactional apps and presentation apps. Enterprise iPad sales apps are designed to hold comprehensive product information such as large product catalogs and volumes of sales collateral (e.g., multiple PowerPoint presentations and videos). The best ones come with APIs to interface with enterprise business systems such as or SharePoint. Sometimes, like transactional apps, they contain pricing and deep product specs that can be served up to prospects.

Disadvantages of Enterprise iPad Sales Apps

The initial cost and time to deploy can be larger and longer than expected depending on the amount of information you need to include in the apps. Many companies expect the highly customizable features available only in apps that are coded by developers, and we’ll cover that later in this guide. Examples: FatStax, Digital Sales Aid and Showpad.

Photo Credit: Jeff Mikels