Part 3 – Juggling 18,000 products with an iPad app

We are always getting questions from prospects wanting to talk to an actual person that is a field sales rep using an iPad to sell.  Enter Mark Herb.  Mark worked in field sales for a large multi-national corporation using FatStax for the past few years.  He’s launched his own marketing consultancy recently, so we offered him the chance to tell his stories and experiences using FatStax in the field to sell products.  Mark gave us so much great information, we decided to give him the soapbox and free reign for this unique blog series. We hope it will be a glimpse into a what sales rep really thinks when you hand him an iPad. 

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Return of Mark Herb, former FatStax User

Juggling 18,000 SKUs on-the-go is daunting.

Check that…damn near impossible.

Memorizing product information – size, color, volume, price, tech specs, part number, blah, blah, blah – was a drag and cost me valuable selling time.

Having a tool that streamlined managing inquiries and the sales process for this many products was easy.  Rapid access to product information for either a complex or transactional sale was the difference between getting paid or playing second fiddle.

For this post, Rusty asked me to recount the sale of a specific product or service attributable to the FatStax app.  I’ll go against the grain slightly on this one (I’m sure Rusty’s thrilled to hear that) and share with you how FatStax actually helped me close sales and simplify the delivery of information to impact buying decisions in two very distinct selling situations.

Spoiler alert…FatStax is nimble and equally useful in the large, consultative selling scenario AND transactional sales.  The secret’s out!  Who knew?

Selling Situation #1

I recall situations where customers had technical questions relating to a high dollar product, comprised of numerous components.  In the current funding environment, I can assure you that customers are NOT parting with money unless they are certain the solution is the right one for their specific needs.  Using FatStax (and some well-timed questioning) I could engage my customer in a deeper discussion to sort out the following factors that impacted the sale and stretched their dollars at the same time:

  • Sizes/volumes
  • Number of reactions
  • Pricing
  • Price per reaction
  • Components
  • Data to support product claims
  • Did this item address the customer need!!!

(To see how product pages appear in FatStax, check out this page.)

All of which could be shared by tapping the power of my iPad sales app in real time.  Search the product, read the specs, answer questions, email a PDF with additional information and presto…you’re tee’d up to land the business – simple.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts, including your customer in this process of finding the right solution together can build trust and stack the deck in your favor.  Consultative selling or a complex sale is a snap with this app (did I really just bust a rhyme? – Look out, Jay-Z).

Selling Situation #2

On the flip side, using the FatStax app for the “not-so-glamorous” look-up/hook-up of customers with basic information was just as effective.  In the vast majority of cases, pulling up a product group, assessing the various formats and configs available and showing the customer “what ya’ got” won me the business, too!  I had many inquiries for product specs that were simple, one word responses that won the day just by having instant information available on-the-go using FatStax.  In my experience, this was probably one of the single biggest contributors to landing fast and steady business on a daily basis.

From my experience, here’s what I’ve found:

  1. FatStax is well suited to winning big business when used in a consultative approach during the sales process.  The ability to drill down on product specs and technical information with your customer builds a partnership and trust that can carry you a long way toward building future business.
  2. Additionally, like the famous saying from Dragnet, “just the facts, ma’am”, FatStax provides simple answers for transactional sales quickly – that makes all the difference.

I’ve tested both methods with great success and I’m here to tell you, no matter how you plan to use FatStax in the sales process – the simple transaction vs. the complex sale – it’ll make you successful and deliver the right solutions for your customers.