I really loved Tim Ferriss’s recent podcast on Branding. Give it a listen please.

It’s a short 35 min easy listen during your commute and, it really made me think a lot about my marketing activities and my “personal brand”.  My opinion is this applies to both branding for product marketers as well as sales people working on their personal brand/style.

The second listen through I took notes that I’m archiving here for our readers.  Hope they help you.


Love this quote from Peter Drucker.  “There is nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency, something that should not be done at all.” – Effective Executive

Tim (TF) considers the vast majority of anything associated with branding to be “useless.” Mostly because these activities are difficult to measure and poorly defined (verifiable?).

Interesting example – when you’re debating if someone is successful, what does successful even mean?  Must define the term clearly to change someone’s opinion

TF suggests focusing on owning a category. Check out 1,000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly

“Don’t fall in love with your product or service, fall in love with your customer” – Tony Robbins. hell, yes!

If you are launching a product, it makes sense to sell a high priced product to the “affluent” in the beginning

=  a larger margin for error due to better product margins.  never thought about this before…

Forget personal branding instead focus on consistently over delivering 1 or 2 benefits to your customers.


TF is reading Blue Ocean Shift (good for larger companies?, 5 concepts from this book worth looking in to around Flawless Execution:

  1. Purchase process
  2. Delivery process
  3. Usage of the product – Does the product require other things to function?  apps = iphone. this is critical to consider for us.
  4. Maintenance or upgrade cycles
  5. Environmental impact – (Im not sold here)

in light of the five points above  – “What unique benefits does my company deliver to our fans and who are my 1,000 true fans?” – need to spend some time on this concept.

or “What pain points does my company remove?”

then – “How can I turn ‘casual fans’ into ‘diehard fans’ ”

Hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did….

My Todos:

  1. Identify our 1000 true fans and get to know them
  2. Send this podcast to my list





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