FatStax Sales Productivity App for iPad Brings New Cart and Contact Functionality

Today, we announced the launch of version 1.1 of FatStax for iPad.

You can download the press release here.

Our customers and trial users really helped to create a version that adds a lot of versatility and features so that field sales forces can benefit even more from using the sales app for iPad. Thanks for all the support. We are really proud of the improvements we made to the app.

Here are some of the top new features:

Product Cart

The new product cart enables reps to tag multiple products for interested buyers by tapping an Add to Cart button right on the product page. Not only can you collate products, but you can email a summary with the entire list of products (along with ordering information) to that customer. It was the most requested new feature and the most challenging to implement but we think we got it right.

Address Book Integration

Now you can assign a contact to a specific product cart on the cart screen. We integrated the contacts with the iPad Address Book so you can select an existing contact or add a new one easily. Many CRMs use the same address book functionality to sync to the iPad. Changes to contacts made in FatStax will sync back to your CRM. It’s really handy for trade shows to capture leads and information quickly.

Multiple Catalogs

We also built a feature that enables a single person to access multiple catalogs. It’s easy to switch to different catalogs within the app. This is useful for different price lists or product lines.

Faster, Reliable Search

FatStax is search. We spent a lot of time refining search so that our users can search faster and more effectively offline. We added a big Search button at the bottom of the product screen that moves the cursor to the search bar and brings up the keyboard, ready for adding a search terms. It’s much easier than trying to tap the Apple default search bar.

Adding Images and Sales Brochures

You can now add images and links to brochures and videos and access them within FatStax. The best part is that they are located right on the product page so that when reps tap on the product page, they can access the point of sale collateral too.


We worked hard to do a better job of syncing the data files so that our users could rely on the process and not wait unnecessarily for downloading even large files. We made it easier to see when there was an update to a product catalog so users can download the latest information.

There are other improvements we made to FatStax 1.1 and we will be talking about them in more detail in the near future.

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