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New iPad Business Productivity App Mobilizes Product Information
FatStax shortens sales cycle, reduces training time and cuts printing costs for subscribers

INDIANAPOLIS—Red Funnel Consulting, LLC, recently released FatStax for iPad, one of the first-to-market sales productivity apps that mobilizes a company’s product information, making it easier for field sales forces to access complete and up-to-date data.

Companies with B2B field sales teams who manage a high volume of products and rely on trade show exposure are strong candidates for the FatStax app and service. These include food distributors, life science supply companies, insurance and financial services brokers, medical supply companies and more. With this broad range of industry applicability, the FatStax app is generating interest from a broad spectrum of businesses.

“The idea behind FatStax,” explains Mark Walker, Chief Marketing Officer, Red Funnel Consulting, “is to help companies work smarter. By using mobile devices and tools, companies can speed up the sales cycle. Putting up-to-date product information in the hands of a sales team means they can close leads faster, provide better customer service and make a lasting professional impression. Based on the enthusiastic response we’ve seen already, FatStax may make the iPad a more justifiable investment for sales teams throughout the world.

“In many industries,” adds J Rusty Bishop, PHD, Chief Sales Officer, Red Funnel Consulting, “field sales representatives have responsibility for hundreds or thousands of products, and customers expect these individuals to be their professional guides, to help them select the right products and services. FatStax makes it easy for sales to focus on the customers’ needs and improve real-time selling.”

Drawing on more than 15 years experience of managing field sales teams at companies such as Invitrogen (now Life Technologies) and Eli Lilly and Company, the creators of FatStax were motivated to find a new tool for sales based on years of watching sales representatives struggle to find productinformation for customers at the point of sale. And to ensure field practicality and reliability, they drew on their expertise in providing specialized databases and CMS systems for the life science industry, including NaviGRANT (, Scientist ( and UCSD Molecular Medicine.

“We’ve seen experienced and highly capable field sales representatives lose opportunities to close a sale simply because they couldn’t find product information quickly enough,” says Bishop. “FatStax is a near- necessity for companies with lots of products that constantly introduce new items and spend a lot of time at trade shows. It gives businesses a strong competitive edge.”

Businesses that use FatStax can:

  • Increase productivity at trade shows by providing a tool that can handle customer inquiries easily, correctly and professionally.
  • Reduce the learning curve for new sales staff, enabling them to be more effective and more
    confident in the field … more quickly.
  • Reduce printing costs and save paper by eliminating paper price lists and product catalogs.

The free FatStax for iPad app is available for download on the iTunes Store.

The free version includes a list of sample products so users can explore the app’s functionality, including browse and search functions and the process for e-mailing an item’s ordering information to a purchasing department. Companies can sign up for a cost-effective subscription to provide access to their own product portfolio.