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Summary: Learn how the FatStax sales app and integration can help your sales and marketing team stay on top of administrative tasks, generate leads, and understand your customers more clearly.

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Are your sales reps spending too much time managing their leads and doing administrative tasks?

There’s an amazing integration available that combines customer relationship management (CRM) technology – like –  with FatStax’ already essential sales tools.

FatStax and CRM systems are a match made in business heaven.

They work together to create an efficient sales system and build a productive sales team. For peak productivity, reps need to be out in the field focusing on leads and sales, and not worrying about tracking their interactions with clients. The FatStax and integration makes administrative tasks, lead generation, and follow-up a breeze – giving your sales reps more time to focus on sales.

FatStax and Salesforce integrate seamlessly to record everything that your sales team shares with clients automatically in Salesforce via CloudStax.

What Does This Mean for Sales Teams? Efficiency and Organization

Let’s say a sales rep is in front of a potential client. As they discuss products, the sales rep uses the FatStax app on their smart phone.

At the end of the meeting, rather than taking an old-school approach to record the client interaction manually, a rep can use sales enablement technology to send meeting details (or Stack) to a client via email.

FatStax automatically records the information in CloudStax and sends it to Salesforce.

  • Brochures sent
  • Videos shown
  • Soft quote delivered
  • Service Manual emailed

Once the sales rep is back in the office, all they need to do is sign into their Salesforce account and BOOM – all sales activity is there. It’s that easy.

With this integration, sales reps are more efficient, organized, and focused. They can:

  • Collect contact demographics
  • Record key sales information
  • Capture sales data while in the field

FatStax + = Generating and Maintaining Leads

More leads mean more sales. But how does the FatStax and integration impact sales in the real-world? We sat down with U.S. Director of Marketing Chris Carrier, who readily boasted how FatStax has improved sales for his company, Reliance Worldwide Corp (RWC).

The company’s sales and marketing team has increased their communication and overall efficiency. Use of the integration is their next big shift toward increased success. With Salesforce being an already established and essential tool for their sales team, the FatStax and integration is being easily adopted without disrupting company processes.

“The integration with Salesforce is pretty big for us,” Carrier explains eagerly about this new FatStax feature.

The integration will not only streamline processes, it is also a lead-generation tool that will further drive RWC sales by giving sales leadership the tools and insight they need to support their teams and bring in even more leads.

The FatStax iPad App Stands out in Functionality and Security

FatStax understands the importance of the sales and marketing teams working together. In reality, though, there can be a disconnect between these two departments. FatStax and the integration dramatically increases the communication abilities between sales and marketing. With this integration companies will have:

  • A clearer understanding of their customers
  • Better implemented customer feedback
  • Better support from leaders
  • A more well-defined sales strategy

Mobile Apps and Integrated Tools Increase Cross-selling and Customization

When customer data is organized and your sales and marketing departments are working together, they can provide clients with a personalized sales experience. Product information is instantly available for sales reps in the field and they can keep in front of a quickly changing sales presentation. When all team members have the same up-to-date information about customer sales history and past product conversations, they are able to effectively cross-sell.

As more sales and marketing teams use the FatStax iPad app integration with, they will see improved administrative task organization, more sales, and better internal cooperation.

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