FatStax for Marketing

Our Team works closely with Marketers just like you from companies of all sizes…

  • A $5B life sciences company who merged with a $4B competitor (Life Technologies + ThermoFisher)
  • A market-leading HVAC and plumbing manufacturer (Reliance World Wide)
  • A two-person Marketing team from a mid-sized Mortgage Insurance company (MGIC)

The FatStax Platform is easy to customize into the perfect sales enablement tool for your team no matter what the size.

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We thought we'd have about a 50% adoption when we first started. It ended up being greater than 80% adoption.

Chris CarrierDirector of Marketing, Reliance WorldWide Corp

FatStax is an Easy-to-Use System Built for Marketers

Part 1 – Cloud-based Admin Tool to Create Sales Apps

Keeping your collateral updated is the most important job of a great marketing collateral management tool. The CloudStax Studio is designed to let you simply drag files from your desktop and push them to your sales teams’ apps across the globe. You can also bulk upload 1000s of files from your DAM or Library Applications.

Part 2 – Template-driven Mobile and Web App Interface for Your Sales Team

Access products by brand or category in an easy-to-navigate and intuitive layout interface. Create visually compelling templates to carry the format throughout the entire set of product categories for a consistent user experience.

Part 3 – Powerful Analytics to Measure Your App’s Value

Real-time and historical reporting and analytics allows you to demonstrate value gained from the tool and to determine the most effective marketing materials to focus upon. Data integration to Marketing Systems like Marketo, Pardot, and Hubspot come out-of-the-box.

FatStax makes it easy for Marketers to help sales people

We’re here to help you get started with your mobile sales tool experience.