new_iphone_imageOne of the most requested features for FatStax was to provide an iPhone version of our platform. Many times, impromptu meetings happened – whether at a regional event, at a dinner meeting, or even just accidentally bumping into a prospect at the local coffee shop, and the rep didn’t have their tablet.


We’ve already been testing our iPhone app with some clients and the initial response has been amazing:


“Text-to-close is a total game changer, guys.  Last night at the airport, I texted a guy a link to a product and, he texted me back a thumbs up emoji when I got off my plane.  You guys need to tell everyone about this.”  – feedback from our iPhone beta test survey.


What’s the #1 most important thing for a mobile sales tool on your smartphone?

When opportunity presents itself, you seize it.

After some long discussions with our end users (sales people) and our Admins (marketers) about an iPhone version of FatStax, we landed on two critical smart phone differentiators.

First, everyone has their phone on them at all times – this is not true of tablets and laptops.

Second, people use their smart phones for instant gratification in short intervals. Think Instagram, ESPN, Candy Crush, vs PowerPoint,

Based on these factors, we designed FatStax for the iPhone to mirror people’s typical behaviors with their phones in a sales situation or while hanging out at the airport bar between flights.

The design and user experience were coded to make two actions really simple:

  1. Finding information quickly – product pricing, specs, details, weblinks, manuals, videos, etc.
  2. Sending information with one-hand – e.g., by texting, emailing, tweeting.

So here’s a sneak peak at 3 features designed to facilitate these actions in our new iPhone app…


The Offline Factor

20,000 Products At Your Fingertips. No Internet Needed.

Fast and easy access to your product information starts with syncing all the critical information to your phone.  Offline sync gives the salesperson instant access without waiting on slow Internet or searching around for a cellular signal. No more frustrating “two bars” and a ticked off prospect.




The Texting Factor

Text-to-Close. For Reps Who Know.

Texting a prospect information increases the chances of closing a deal by 328%. Need we say more?  Users can text information directly to any cell phone on the spot (yes, you need a cell signal to text).




The One Hand Browse Factor

Browse with your thumb. Tap to open, text, or email with one hand.

One-handed browsing is a must-have in an iPhone App full of product information or critical documents.  Product cards are easy to browse with thumbnail images and short descriptions for everything in the app.  The action bar allows you to send information quickly by email or text as well as push files to other apps on your device.




We hope you enjoyed this preview of our new iPhone release coming soon. FatStax for iPhone will be available to all current licensees through December 31, 2015 at no additional cost.

Have questions?? Talk to one of our mobile sales tools experts for free.