Searching is fast and simple within FatStax, even with 1000’s of items or pages in your catalog.

Step 1: Open FatStax and tap Search button

Step 2: Start typing

As soon as you tap search, the keyboard appears and the cursor flashes in the search bar, ready for input.

As you type, the list of items narrows in real-time based on what matches your search. If no items appear within the list, then the search did not find any matches. Delete the search term to restart the search.

Step 3: Refine your search – Name, SKU, or Full Text

Sku-search-closeup1. Searching by Name will search for matches in the name field. The Name is what you see in the left navigation panel and at the top of an item page.2. Searching by SKU will search for matches to the SKU or Product Number field. You can use alphanumeric characters associated with that item. SKUs appear on the item page, under the “SKU” table header.3. Searching by Full Text searches through any and all text that appears on the item page, including Name and SKU.You can simply tap the buttons when the search term is in the search box to rotate through the different refining options. You do not need to start over with a new search.

Step 4: Tap the item to view its Page

Step 5: Other Search options

Instead of searching for all items, you can also search for a sub-set of items within a parent category or child category. Tap on the parent or child category and follow the same steps above to initiate a search within that category.

You can find answers to many other FAQs regarding FatStax on our Support Page.