Utilizing the iPad voice dictation tool available in your sales app will make creating customer notes simple and easy for any sales rep.

When making notes in your FatStax catalog, reminding yourself about that new prospect meeting in iCalendar, or just composing an email to your manager that you closed the deal, you can hit the microphone button on your iPad keyboard and the device with start dictating what you say into text. This can be useful if you have your hands full or are unable to type on the keyboard itself.

How to use Voice Dictation on your iPad

Bring up the iPad keyboard and tap the microphone button to the left of the space bar. By doing this, you activate Siri on your device. Because of this, your words will not appear as you speak until you tap the microphone button when finished.


You can also add punctuation using this function too. As you speak, say which punctuation you want to use while saying your sentence. For example, say you want your text to appear as “Hello, how was your demo today?” You would have to speak to Siri like this: [Tap microphone] “Hello comma how was your demo today question mark” [tap microphone again].

You can say different typography, emoticons, currency signs, or even all caps. You can find a full list of voice dictation commands here.

The one thing you can’t do using Siri voice dictation is delete or backspace what you already dictated. For that, you have to tap the backspace button on your iPad keyboard. In addition, if you save a note in your FatStax catalog you’ll have to tap the send button to make sure it is captured for later viewing or just add a new Stack.

Most important thing to remember when using voice dictation is to speak slowly and clearly. This way, Siri will understand and dictate what you spoke correctly the first time.

That wraps up this week’s Feature Friday. If you have a suggestion for next week’s Feature Friday, just comment below and we’ll highlight it!