Welcome to Feature Friday.  Today, I want to take five minutes to tell you about a really cool idea created by one of our customers in their iPad sales app on the FatStax Platform – a sales team directory for all their reps to send to their customers. In fact, we liked it so much, we recreated it for our sales team too!

Here’s the basic idea:

Business Need –  Sales and Marketing people were often asked for their personal contact information or contact information for specialty or regional sales reps

Idea – Create a Sales Team Directory in FatStax so that contact information is instantly available.

What you need and get – Sales teams’ pictures, brief description, contact information, LinkedIn information, available offline, email to customers and prospects with a nice format.

Basic Steps – Create a Directory Category in CloudStax, add a little HTML to build a simple contact page, and sprinkle in some content.  That’s it!

The iPad sales app vCard

Ok, so it’s not technically a vCard but that’s the way we like to think about making it easy to access and share contact information. First, let’s start with the end product.  Here’s a screenshot from our own sales catalog we use on our iPads.

ipad company directory

This is my personal vCard in my iPad sales app (yes, we use our own app to sell from).

Let me point out a few features on the vCard page so this all makes sense.

1. We used CloudStax to create a Category called ‘Meet Our Team’ (this is circled in Orange).

2. We create a personal contact page for me and all the members of our team  (also circled in Orange).

3. For each team member, our web designer created a simple template including a picture (outlined in red), a personal blurb (outlined in yellow), and contact information (outlined in blue).

vcard annotated

The end result is a personal contact page I can send to prospects from my iPad. Or, my team can send to prospects that need to contact with me. In fact, here’s a picture of a branded email with my vCard.

ipad company directory app

Pretty cool right.  We love it when our customers create amazing things like this on our platform. Way to go Danielle and Mike!

If you’re interested in learning more about how we use HTML in FatStax to create personal vCard pages and iPad company directories,  just drop us a line.