Welcome to another edition of Feature Friday where we highlight cool features driven by our iPad sales app users. This week we want to highlight the simplicity and effectiveness of creating bundles from your FatStax catalog to share with customers.

Let’s say for example you are a regional sales representative with a large number of clients, and are responsible for a large number of products. That’s a lot of different items you will have to find within your catalog to send out each time. That’s where creating bundles comes in!

Bundles are a convenient alternative to creating stack after stack. Bundles allow you to group together multiple items you frequently use. Whether you are sending your bundle to a client or using it to help prepare for a sales call, you’re turning multiple taps in your catalog into just one.

Creating your Bundles

First, tap on your Stack in the bottom right corner. Then tap on New Bundle in the right navigation column.

bundle blog post 2

A pop up window will appear explaining you are now in Bundle Mode. This will allow you to add any product or item pages to your new bundle. To do this, tap on a  page you wish to add to your new bundle, and tap Add to Bundle in the top right.

You can add as many pages as needed to complete your new bundle. When you are done adding item pages to your bundle, either tap Return to Normal Search Mode in the pop-up window or tap Stack in the bottom right corner.

bundle blog post 3

Now you can customize your new bundle with a name, so you can remember it the next time you’re with a specific client. You can then add your new bundle to an existing stack, or create a stack with your new bundle. Once you create a bundle, it will automatically be saved for later use.

bundle blog post 4

You can also delete your bundles once you know you won’t need it anymore. Now your new bundle is ready to be emailed out to your client.

That wraps up this week’s Feature Friday. If you have a suggestion for next week’s Feature Friday, just comment below and we’ll highlight it!