Is your CIO on your case about enterprise mobile app integration?

Don’t be annoyed because it’s vitally important in continuing customer engagement in the field.

The world through your CIO’s eyes is hundreds of mobile apps and hundreds of mobile devices. Here’s the kicker—they need to integrate it all.

But that’s a good thing not just for IT, but for sales and marketing as well.

If you think about it, app integration is all about customer engagement, keeping data in core business systems unlocked and making your applications impactful to your bottom line.

Enterprise Mobile App Integration is Important

No, the sky isn’t falling. That’s just the cloud continuing to grow.

According to Forrester, the growing number of enterprise mobile apps has many organizations using between five and nine apps regularly in the field.

Your collateral apps, your sales development apps, your proposal apps, your cross reference apps…Each of these apps contain vital customer information that goes into their own silo unless the software is integrated.

Say your rep has been working a prospect out in the field. She’s sent multiple pieces of digital collateral, reviewed competitor pricing and sent a quote all from her iPad.

Unless all of those apps are integrated with one another she’ll have to log all of her activities back at the office.

That’s a time and productivity killer no sales manager wants to put their reps through.

Integration for Customer Engagement

One important enterprise mobile app integration dear to the heart of many marketers is that of marketing automation.

As sales reps interact and engage with prospects in the field, marketing wants to do the same thing in real time.

Let’s use the same example of the rep and prospect from the section above. With the proper integration from their app to the marketing automation platform, the rep can add the prospect to a nurturing campaign that leads off with a welcome letter and further impactful content—all still from out in the field.

Otherwise she’ll have to wait to get back to the office and log all of those activities and maybe she’ll remember to tell marketing to add the prospect to that email nurture drip.

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