sales enablement tool
Remember how excited you were to launch your company’s customized and customer facing sales enablement tool?

You got budget approved for tablets and a customized sales enablement tool for your reps in the field – Check.

You determined which type of sales enablement tool fits best for your field reps – Check.

You went through an extensive pilot program to work the kinks out of your tool – Check.

You had a huge unveiling for these tablets and tool at your national sales meeting – Check.

Everything you envisioned for your company’s enterprise mobility initiative has gone to plan … except for one small problem.

Hardly any of your reps are actually using the tool!

Your sales enablement tool adoption rates are in the toilet, and your boss is looking for that ROI you assured her.

You see the value of a sales enablement tool, but your reps in the field can’t.

Maybe some of your field reps see this as management getting all “big brother” with them, or they express they don’t have time in their meetings with prospects to pull out their tablet.

Whichever excuse your reps in the field are feeding you for not using it, you need a plan to increase your team’s sales enablement tool adoption rate.

There is no switch.

There is no magic wand.

There isn’t even an Easy Button (wouldn’t that be nice, though).

What there is, however, is a set of four primary factors that feed off one another to help get reps to use your sales enablement tool:

  • Right process
  • Right content
  • Right training
  • Right metrics

Based on ours and other customer experiences, we have created a simple to understand and free for download checklist to help you drive your team’s adoption. We call it the Sales Enablement Tool Adoption Checklist.