ipad sales app fatstax 2.3

There are always those certain pieces of collateral sales reps will share with customers often. When we were looking at what features to enhance with FatStax 2.3 we knew marketers wanted us to help them put those important assets right where users can get to them quickly.

Each tile on our new interactive home screen is a tappable ‘short cut’ – including the one in the center.  For example, a training video can be launched directly by tapping the aqua “Launch Your Training Videos Button”.  Marketers can customize every aspect of the home screen with direct links and your brand and color scheme.

The possibilities for customizing the home screen are limitless, giving marketers a custom-branded iPad app to increase sales cycles at a fraction of the cost of DIY apps.

To see how our new interactive home screen can increase sales cycles for your brand, download a demo catalog, or contact an account manager for a live demo.

FatStax 2.3 gives you the ability to create a user experience that is fully-branded and insures the most important videos, presentations, PDFs, products, and details are always in the spot a user can easily access. Better access to key information will increase adoption and communication with prospects. These help increase sales cycles and reduces the time spent on non-selling activities.