Advantage Engineering has a new secret weapon for their field reps

“What’s great about FatStax is the speed to customers: they get the most current info, and we have the ability to change it quickly. That gives us more time to concentrate on priorities here. It’s such a cool and powerful tool that I hope my competitors don’t stumble into it.”
Jon Gunderson, Sales and Marketing Manager at Advantage Engineering

Advantage Engineering needed a sales tool to improve effectiveness with their OEM manufacturing customers. They went to FatStax. With their customized FatStax iPad sales application, sending proposals was streamlined and their extensive product catalog was always up-to-date for presentations. App training and support was always available, so opportunities weren’t lost in the field.

New England BioLabs captures better qualified leads at trade shows

“The implementation process was a breeze—we didn’t even need to involve our IT department. We were incredibly impressed with the service and attention we received during our integration process.”
Danielle Shnider, Market Research and Trade Show Manager at New England BioLabs

NEB had thousands of unorganized, complex products, resulting in lost opportunities at vendor and trade shows. With their customized FatStax iPad sales application, their team now had a single repository to deliver updated sales materials. Integration with their CRM now automated lead capture from the field.

Solo Foods easily keeps their sales team up-to-date in the field

“With the help of FatStax, we are now able to make product information more readily accessible for our sales team and brokers, who have little time to get to know each product. In short, FatStax makes it easy.”
Lauren Pirritano, Mobile Media Manager at Sokol and Company

Solo Foods needed a sales-specific app to help systemize the delivery of collateral and streamline field-generated leads into their CRM. With their customized FatStax iPad sales application, organization and delivery of sales collateral greatly improved. Their sales team’s deployment and iPad adoption challenges were conquered.