Welcome to another edition of Feature Friday where we highlight cool features driven by our iPad sales app users. This week we want to highlight a completely user-driven feature of the app, or more specifically the Stack – Stack Notes. Stack notes allows sales reps to send customer noted to CRM from the iPad.

Have you ever sent a prospect a brochure from your iPad and a week later scrambled through your Outlook Sent Mail trying to remember what the heck you talked about?  Do wish you could remember that killer prospect’s wife’s name?  I know I do, and the older I get the harder it is to remember the details of sales call (I hate that). Well, Stack Notes was created and added to FatStax to prevent that pain.

Stack Notes is place for sales reps and other users to record notes about a specific customer visit directly in their iPad sales app. Things like “Follow up with Bob next week.” or “Betty is the decision maker.”  The great thing is Stack Notes can be sent directly to your CRM and added to both Leads or Contacts – right from your iPad, even during a meeting.

Here’s the basic idea:

Business Need –  Sales and Marketing people often need to take some quick notes about an email or customer interaction on their iPad.

Idea – Add a note to any email message sent to a customer or prospect that is easy to access after the fact

What you need and get – Remember to take a note and the information is always there for reference in your iPad app or CRM system.


The iPad sales app Notes Feature

So this one is pretty easy to conceptualize with a few simple screenshots from a FatStax Stack.

First, open up FatStax and tap on Stack to open the Stack Screen.


fatstax ipad business app notes

Then, you just need to tap on Stack Notes and start taking notes.  You can even use the built in microphone on your iPad to dictate notes directly saving you even more time!


Stack Notes are not sent to the customer! These are for the sales person only.

After sending the email from your iPad sales app, Stack Notes can be automatically pushed into your CRM system and logged along with the activity.  Here’s a screen shot of the above Stack Note in our CRM, salesforce.com.


So that’s a wrap on this week’s edition of Feature Friday.  We love to feature ideas driven by our users that help all our users.  Thanks!