We’ll give you the exact plan you need to cross sell faster.

Our Sales Enablement App Team has helped to grow…

  • A $5B life sciences company who merged with a $4B competitor (Life Technologies + ThermoFisher)
  • A Market-leading HVAC and plumbing manufacturer that purchased two smaller competitors and merged 3 sales teams (Reliance World Wide – Sharkbite + CashAcme)
  • A publicly traded health sciences company who bought a mid-market company with 10,000+ SKUs (Affymetrix + eBioscience)

They understand your markets, challenges, and threats, and can help your reps get the detailed product data they need in a logically organized platform – where ever reps need it to cross sell effectively.

It’s like a second brain for all your relevant product details.

How we help companies with cross selling

  • Mobilize large product data sets from combined teams from internal systems into an easy to use app. Make it easy for reps to find product information in the field.
  • Dramatically improve organization of product collateral to increase possibilities of cross selling in the field.
  • Shorten go to market cycles by sending detailed product information to customers on the spot and preventing from reps from “getting back” to them.
  • Ease the training cycle by providing easy access to product training videos and presentations on the devices your reps already own.

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Clients and Results


Here’s a few of the cross selling specific benefits for your team

Start Cross Selling Instantly

Solve the daunting challenge of merging two sales teams and two large product portfolios from different brands and address the cross selling revenue problem by integrating newly merged product data in a logically organized interactive sales platform, and start cross selling immediately.

Interactive Landing
Pages to Simplify
Cross Selling

Access products by brand or category in an easy-to-navigate and intuitive layout interface. Create visually compelling templates to carry the format throughout the entire set of product categories for a consistent user experience.

Find Relevant
Details Instantly

Get answers to customers’ questions on the spot with detailed product information in mobile optimized product pages. Make cross selling easy for merging sales reps by giving them the ability to deliver quotes and estimates on single products or a list by email while meeting with customers.

Turn Insights
into Action

Powerful Analytics show global actions taken with individual SKUs by your team and automatically populate systems of record like Salesforce.com.