Displace Competitors and Take Market Share

Nothing fires up your team like beating the competition. Yet most companies store competitive information in excel sheets and static PDFs. Unlike most sales enablement tools, FatStax Compete competitive database app is built for companies with tons of products that want instant access to competitive information anywhere, anytime.
When paired with FatStax Digital Product Catalog, the Compete Module gives reps two unique modes to cross reference your products against theirs’.
It’s like a second brain for all your product information AND all your competitors’ information.

The Following Features Can Be Configured in a Stand-Alone Cross Reference App or Combined with other Fatstax Features for an Even More Powerful and Customized Sales Acceleration Tool

Find Details Instantly
on Competitor’s Products and Yours
in One App

This cross-reference app allows you to switch between competitive and customer-facing interface with one tap and get a competitive edge. Both databases are available anywhere your team sells and easily cross-referenced on-demand.

Access Deep Competitive Intel
on a Product-By-Product Basis

Use Compete Mode to search, browse, or sort competitive products based on their brand, product names, rich attributes, or your product names instantly. Update in bulk or by individual SKU.

Access Deep Product Information About
Your Products, Too

Use My Brands mode to access deep product information in mobile optimized product pages to find answers customers’ questions on the spot. Updating can be manual or automated from existing systems like ERP, e-commerce databases, or even custom web scrapers.

Personalize Your Competitive Database App

Request or give feedback to product managers while in the field when the knowledge is fresh.  Select Favorites in My Brand mode or Competitor Mode for your most important products.