There is a gap in the way your reps sell, and I just wanted you to know about it.

If you think long enough about it, I’m sure you’ll see it.

A lack of communication between marketing and sales reps regarding new collateral?

Reps not finding the right sales materials for the right point in the sale?

Sales cycles just keep dragging on and on?

Want to see how much revenue your reps are losing without using a sales enablement app?

These things happen, and there are a multitude of solutions to resolve each of these gaps, but there is one I’m happy to report that can certainly help make your reps more productive in the field.

It’s simply connecting two vitally important core business tools: CRM integration with sales enablement app.

What’s the difference between the two you ask?

Companies researching sales enablement platforms sometimes ask us if FatStax is a CRM.

FatStax is not a CRM. Instead, sales enablement apps like us are a sales tool which can integrate with existing CRM technology, increase CRM adoption rates and total sales revenue for many companies.

Your CRM integration with sales enablement app has several benefits that will impact sales, marketing, IT, product development, training, administrative and other aspects of your company. Here are eight benefits to linking your CRM with a sales enablement app:

1. Increase Sales Team Productivity

Linking a sales enablement app to your CRM gives your sales reps a huge productivity shot in the arm. This powerful combination makes quote building, ordering, product sharing and other sales tasks essentially automated. Any action a sales rep makes in the app is automatically tracked back in CRM, thus eliminating the duplicate effort of reporting what they did.

2. Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Your sales reps will spend more time building up a relationship with their customers than frantically making sure their profile in CRM is up to date. By using the sales enablement app, any orders or sales materials sent to them is instantly tracked. Having your sales reps spend more time with customers in the field has the potential for increasing the number of deals closed and building a bigger customer base.

3. Cut Costly Expenses

Placing the wrong order or mishandling an invoice are mistakes that are difficult to overcome and can be costly both to your bottom line and company reputation. These can be avoided when using a sales enablement app connected to your CRM by quickly getting the right information where it belongs fast, make your sales cycle more efficient and close deals faster through an efficient process.

4. Better Team Communication

Think about all the points in the sales process that allow for confusion, errors and more time to be spent on properly reporting information. Using a sales enablement app integrated with your CRM minimizes those errors and maximizes your team’s effectiveness. With your CRM linked to the app, sales reps using the app spend less time duplicating customer information and spending more time selling.

5. Update Lead Information Quickly

Many sales enablement apps allow you to add customized fields or surveys to better prioritize and group your customers and prospects. You can make these tasks in the app and they are instantly synced to your CRM, giving sales reps and managers insight into top opportunities without wasting time to make notes back at the office.

6. Better Organization

Your CRM becomes more powerful when you can track and share sales materials from your app. Since both are electronic and tied to one another, you have a clean and simple sales process that can be easily organized and tracked. The days of figuring out how many catalogs were shipped to prospects by keeping a tally on a notepad with pencil are over.

7. Enhanced Reporting

CRM integration with sales enablement apps allows members of your team to get an in depth analytical look at customer profiles. Knowing what sales materials are shared and what products are sold from the app can be used to assist in forecasting predicted sales. Also, by linking the two systems you can avoid duplicating data.

8. Raise Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day, it all comes down to keeping your customers happy. In real-time, these enhanced reports give reps a one-to-one level look at their customer’s attributes and instantly customize their experience. Sales reps are finding the right sales materials to supplement their decision making process, optimizing for the highest customer satisfaction possible.

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