One surprising downside to using a mobile sales tool on your iPhone is PowerPoint presentations look like utter crap.

I get it, presentations with PowerPoint on iPhones are made to be projected onto a big screen in boardroom, but these days sales presentations can happen anywhere, anytime.  Coffee shops, bars, airplanes, you name it.

Like most people, I use my phone in Portrait mode, 99.9% of the time.  Heck, most of the time I keep it locked in Portrait mode.

Here’s what a PowerPoint presentation looks like in Portrait mode. This image is actual size to give you an accurate feel for what it’s like to present to some one on your iPhone.

iphone powerpoint template

Any font smaller than 60 is unreadable without pinching.

Line graphs are useless.

Images are far too small too make out.

Enough complaining already, let’s do something about this.

Today we’re going to share a simple way to create a PowerPoint on iPhones with a sales presentation app. Obviously, it’s not a complete cure for crappy collateral or bad PowerPoints, but it is a start.

Download the iPhone PowerPoint Template here to try it yourself.

To make this easy, we asked our design team to create us a PowerPoint Template that would size perfectly to a smart phone screen.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1- You build a PowerPoint presentation that looks awesome projected, but horrible on your phone screen.

Step 2- You convert or rebuild the PowerPoint presentation to the perfect size for the phone screen using these basic rules.

  • Font size needs to be at least 30
  • Headlines need to be at least 50 Font size
  • Images and graphs should be optimized for Portrait viewing

So let’s run through an example.  The intro slide on our corporate deck looks like this…




Reimagining the PowerPoint for iPhone display might look like this…


To build this template for yourself in PowerPoint, you need to customize a few settings.

Step 1 – Navigate to Page Setup in PowerPoint Settings

Step 2 – Select Custom on the size of the slide.

Step 3 – Width 10 in, Height 17.78

Step 4. Set the Orientation to Portrait mode

Or you can just download this free template and it will automatically open with the correct slide size.

Here’s a quick video show you an example of an iPhone templated PowerPoint we use here with the sales team at FatStax.