Don’t you just hate losing money?

In a world of budget lines and maximizing revenues, it’s a crushing blow to any organizational leader when they realize they are losing money. I hope you’re sitting down while reading this, because I’m about to show you that right now each of your sales and service reps are costing you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars—and they don’t even realize it.

In fact, it’s not even really their fault. It’s yours.

The cost of searching for the right collateral

Recently there were some shocking statistics from a study on the effectiveness of sales collateral. According to Aberdeen Group research, 92% of organizations say producing high-quality sales collateral is valuable, but only 54% execute it effectively. Aberdeen didn’t identify whether or not those polled for the study were using tablets and/or sales enablement software for collateral, but the statistics alone are powerful.

Reps that are using tablets in the field, but don’t have sales enablement software for collateral, spend as much as 2 hours per week just trying to find the right sales collateral for prospects. Over the course of one year that’s 100 hours of lost selling time from searching for the right sales collateral on their tablet.

Why are they wasting so much time? Because without utilizing sales enablement software for collateral they can’t find the right spec sheets, product videos or PDF brochures in an effective amount of time to sell. And that’s costing their organization a ton in lost revenue.

Solving for lost revenue

So how do you determine how much your reps searching for collateral is costing you? We’ve created a one of a kind Excel calculator that determines just how much each of your individual reps are losing in potential revenue per year from searching for the right sales collateral—instantly. An unnamed Fortune 5000 VP of sales downloaded our Excel calculator and discovered each of her reps are losing over $47,000 in potential revenue each year—all because they don’t have sales enablement software on their deployed iPads.

With a team of 35 sales reps, that’s $1,645,000 in revenue her organization is losing each year from trying to find the right sales collateral. And if you download our revenue Excel calculator, you’ll find your organization is also losing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual lost revenue from each sales rep by not having sales enablement software for collateral. But hey, if you can afford to leave that much money in your prospect’s hands then don’t worry about the calculator below. It must have been a pretty good year for you. Right?