Many people are surprised to learn our company’s name is Red Funnel Consulting, not FatStax.

FatStax is a product we sell to clients that can benefit from it or solve problems with it.

Our approach is to be consultants first.

Often times this means our product FatStax is not a good fit and we have to suggest a product or service that is one.

What we truly believe is our job is to listen to leaders from companies and figure out what they need versus what they want.

This is a very important distinction when it comes to mobility.

For example, many marketers want an app to push their marketing materials to sales people.

Apps are all the rage, but is it what they need?

This often is just the surface challenge. The one that is easy to stick a band aid on and move on to the next one.

Solving surface challenges is easy, but uncovering real challenges takes a little more digging and probing and talking to multiple people at the business.

Ultimately, we see far too many companies deploying mobile tools that will have zero impact on sales just because people want an app.

As mobile consultants, we ask a lot of questions to truly understand what business people need to grow their business. Our goal is to get past the surface challenges and figure out the deep impactful ones.

What is going to impact the bottom line of the business?

What is hurting sales?

How much revenue is driven by channels as opposed to direct sales people?

During the process, we often uncover needs that are far greater than a mobile app. Needs that can easily be addressed in novel ways with mobile sales tools.

And by extension make the people that ultimately buy our apps excel at their jobs and get promoted.

So our promise to you is we will remain consultants that seek the best possible mobile solution for our clients and prospects. We will work hard to get past your surface challenges and help you solve the big ones.

The ones that make your career and impact your business.


Red Funnel Consulting