Remove Dependency on Email and Generic File Sharing Tools

Most generic sales enablement apps and sales portals are designed for companies with less than 100 products/services making these sales tools poorly suited to scale for companies with complex products accompanied by 1000s of supporting materials. It’s no wonder that 70% of materials created by Marketing go unused by reps.
FatStax sales collateral features are purpose built to make it easy to find the right material even when there are 1000s to sort through anywhere, anytime your field teams need it.
It’s like a second brain for all your marketing materials.

The Following Features Can Be Configured in a Stand-Alone App or Combined
with other Fatstax Features for an Even More Powerful and Customized Solution

Find Digital
Collateral Quickly

Easily configured file sharing apps provide users with a consumer-like experience to sort by tags, search by title and keywords, or browse through digital collateral anywhere, anytime.

Stack Up Files and Send Them

Automatic connectors to most Mail programs and file sharing apps make it simple to send multiple files to customers from mobile devices in the field or at your desk in the office.

Solve Updating Issues
with AutoSync

Automated background sync and roll-based access control simplify updating for your whole team whenever new materials are added to your sales tools.

Track Real-Time Usage Trends

Real-time and historical reporting and analytics allows you to demonstrate value gained from the tool and to determine the most effective marketing materials to focus upon.