If you’re like most savvy sales and marketing teams, you’ve already discovered the benefits of gathering data through CRM and marketing automation tools. While you’re able to gain invaluable insights about your customers and prospects, there’s a chance your team is not adequately using them.

Maybe you’re developing five to seven different sales approaches. Or 10. No matter how aggressive you are, you still may not be segmenting enough, according to Brian Hopkins, a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research. Why not properly equip your sales teams with content for every scenario?

Hopkins makes the point that customer analytics are paving the way toward developing a relationship with customers and prospects that should be increasingly personal. They should help you “better understand each individual customer — not just a broad customer segment,” he said in a ComputerWorld article, in highlighting the need to integrate

In addition, another Forrester report revealed that B2B buyers are now becoming more mobile, and increasingly relying on reviews and buying online — pretty much as they do in their personal lives.

Together with Internet Retailer, we found 59% of B2B buyers and sellers prefer not to interact with a sales rep, Forrester Analyst Laura Ramos.

Together, those stats point to the need to evolve your sales and marketing strategies. While you may not be able to invest in the type of sophisticated systems of insight process that Hopkins describes in his report (as used by Netflix, Uber and Amazon), you can use your data to increasingly create personalized experiences. It can lead to a more engaging dialogue when you meet with your client.

One area that you can immediately address is understanding how to connect with clients through mobile technology, Ramos said. “Mobile technology has transformed the way people think — a trend we call the mobile mind shift – and how they solve problems and answer questions,” Ramos said.

She also notes that the marketing team should regularly work with sales teams, providing mobile content that can give them an edge during the earlier stages of engagement – when buyers are gathering information about their choices online.

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