You can spend 60+ hours a week developing industry-leading marketing collateral, but unless your sales reps deliver the right piece of collateral in the right scenario at the right moment it could severely impair your company’s sales process.

Let’s use The Simpsons to illustrate how that statement is fact. I’ll introduce you to Gil Gunderson, and you be the judge.

Ol’ Gil Gunderson (that’s him to the right) is about as unlucky and unsuccessful you can get as a salesperson. I mean, just look at the guy. You can find him jumping from one business to another since he can’t keep a job due to his inability to make any kind of sale.

Sure, Ol’ Gil has had some bad luck along the way, but can we blame it all on him? What about his marketing collateral and the way the company’s marketing team updates it? Is it easy for him to make sure he always has the right brochures and price lists?

Gil walks into a board room meeting with a potential client. He starts handing out brochures, catalogs and pricing sheets — and they’re all outdated. Either marketing forgot to send Ol’ Gil the new marketing collateral, or he left it back at the storage unit where he lives, but it doesn’t matter now. Gil tries to tap dance explaining the situation with the collateral and explains how the updated collateral is slightly different. The company Gil is presenting to is unimpressed and walks away from a potential big deal.

What a typical move by a salesperson to not check if he has the right marketing collateral, right marketers?!

These kind of lost opportunities happen all the time from using outdated marketing collateral. The top line and bottom line impact can be substantial.

  • Lost opportunities
  • Lost revenue
  • Cost of print wastage


C’mon, Help Ol’ Gil Out Here!

Gil might not be such a struggling salesperson if he had the right tools and right marketing collateral to drive revenue for him and his company. In order to help land future business opportunities, he and the other sales reps need to be equipped with the documents, presentations, interactive media and other necessary marketing collateral instantly.

Let’s go back to the board room meeting Gil was in. The potential big deal is still on the table, but Ol’ Gil has an ace up his sleeve.

The company Gil represents outfitted all sales reps with iPads and sales apps to streamline the process updated marketing collaterals is distributed. The brochures, catalogs and pricing sheets were all the latest versions pushed to his iPad from marketing. And even if the company Gil was presenting at didn’t have Wi-Fi, Gil could still pull up the correct marketing collateral as long as he updated before walking into the meeting. After the meeting, he could follow up by emailing the updated marketing collateral and have the analytics to make sure the decision makers opened and viewed the documents.

This time, the board room decision makers are impressed and agree to the deal! Gil is back in the game!

It’s a game changer when a mobile sales solution of deployed iPads and sales apps makes him a more efficient salesperson.

The company is back in the game too. They’re no longer risking the loss of revenue from sales reps handing out old marketing collateral to potential clients. Plus they are now saving a lot from pulling back on printing costs. Sure they are still printing materials, but not nearly as much with everything stored on the rep’s iPads. The sales reps and the company no longer having to scramble to get the right marketing collateral to their team in the field.

Marketing Collateral + iPad Sales Apps = Woo Hoo!

Delivering your marketing collateral to your sales reps through an iPad sales app makes your life simple. As a marketer, you are constantly tasked with creating effective ways to promote and communicate your company’s products and image. All of these efforts come by way of printed materials (catalogs, brochures, spec sheets), rich interactive media (video, images, 3D graphics, podcasts), PowerPoint presentations and more. When new marketing collateral is created, what if you could upload it to a single place and click a single button to have it delivered to the rep’s device? No opening email and relying on them to download the right collateral to the correct place so it’s ready to go when they need it in front of customers. Frictionless. No fuss about it.

Many successful businesses are already seeing the benefits of deploying iPads to their sales team (Read five big reasons why companies are deploying iPads for sales). Incorporating a powerful iPad sales app to your sales team allows you to no longer worry about missed opportunities, increase new and existing business revenue, drive productivity in the field and save your company in printing costs.

So What Should You Do Next?

There is time to save your company the embarrassment of having a prospect sit across for Ol’ Gil with no updated marketing collateral. Contact us to set up a free demonstration, and see how our mobile sales solution will make your company shout “woo hoo!!!”